iPhone 6 Features To Pack Better Camera - Insider

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iPhone 6 features may include a better camera, according to an insider.

Apple's next iPhone may have a better camera that is at par with Nokia Lumia's shooter. Consumers expect Apple to step up its game this year. It was previously reported Apple's upcoming smartphone will still have an 8MP camera.

But an insider told Chinese Web site Weibo claimed iPhone 6 will come with an 8 MP camera. The handset was claimed to feature a bigger sensor (1/2.6-inch as opposed to iPone 5S's 1/3-inch), an f/2.0 aperture size (vs f/2.2 on the 5S and f/2.4 on iPhone 5), optical image stabilization and 6P sapphire lens.

The same source said the handset's CMOS sensor will be developed by Sony, LG and Sharp to produce the rest of the components. If rumors are true, iPhone 6's camera will be great in taking pictures.

Meanwhile, iPhone 6 was set to be released in June at the Worldwide Developers' Conference alongside iOS 8. Other reports claimed the handset will arrive in September, a year after the iPhone 5S and 5C were released. An analyst added iPhone 6 will be launched in September.

Other rumors claimed the two iPhone 6 are coming this year. Both variants will come with bigger screen displays, according to the report of Taiwanese media Economic Daily News. One of the new iPhone models was speculated to be Apple's take on the phablet category with a 5.6-inch screen panel.

Apple has not divulged any of the official iPhone 6 features yet, but iPhone 6 rumours suggested Apple's next flagship smartphone will include a bigger screen display with the size of around 4.8 inches to 6 inches, faster and better A8 processor, and the upcoming iOS 8. Improvements on the TouchID fingerprint sensor are also expected to come to the Apple's device. 

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