iPhone 6 Features Lighter Frame For LED Backlight Specs - Report

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New industry rumors claimed iPhone 6 features will include larger screen and lighter frame for LED backlight specs.

Until Apple reveal the official specs and features of the upcoming iPhone 6, the market continues to speculate and new rumors surface about the handset like packing LED backlight specs and will be much lighter.

Analysts and consumers are clamoring to Apple to increase the screen size of its handset. It is a critical feature for the upcoming handset as its rivals continue to enlarge their panels.

Also, LEDInside cited sources from the Apple supply chain saying iPhone 6 will be in June boasting a 4.7-inch screen display. Industry insiders also speculated iPhone 6 will have a much lighter frame, which will lead to upgrades in LED backlight specs. iPhone 5S used 0.6t side-view type LED, in contrast the new iPhone will probably be adopting 0.4t side-view type LED. But the basis of this rumor is still unknown.

Similar technology can be applied on iPad. Since rumors claimed iPad screen will be enlarged from 9.7-inch to 12-inch, LED backlight modules can be switched from the current 0.8t side-view type LED to 0.6t side-view type LED to maintain the iPad's lightweight and thinness.

Meanwhile, other iPhone 6 rumored features are A8 processor, iOS 8 and fingerprint sensor. Apple patents give out strong suggestions on what consumers should expect in the next Apple handset. Some of the features hinted some patents will have curved or flexible screen embedded with liquidmetal material, sapphire glass screen display, improved Siri and gestures control.

iPhone 6 release date is still unconfirmed by Apple. But there is a growing speculation that iPhone 6 will be announced in June at the Worldwide Developers' Conference, which is the original release date window of Apple's handset.

Other related reports claimed the handset will be released in September, which is a year after the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C were launched.

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