iPhone 6 Features Housed In An Ultra-Slim Body - Report

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iPhone 6 features will be packed in a very slim body, according to a report. ETNews reported the iPhone 6 will be 6 millimeters thick making it the thinnest in the market.

The iPhone 5S measures 7.6 millimeters while the iPhone 5C measures 8.97 millimeters. This coincides with the rumor that the next iPhone may adopt iPad Air's best feature, which is the thinnest tablet developed.

In contrast, the report added the iPhone 6 may become heavier due to the adoption of metal equipment. There are reports that iPhone 6 will make full use of Liquidmetal on its casing and screen display. Apple used Liquidmetal before but in very minimal quantity.

The Korean publication also agreed the smartphone will be released in September. Current rumors said the full-fledged iPhone 6 and the successor of iPhone 5S will arrive in September, a year after the iPhone 5S and 5C were introduced.

However, a recent report from Yahoo! Japan said an iPhone phablet starting a new smartphone line will be released in May. The report added the phablet will come with 5.7-inch or bigger screen display but will not feature the upcoming A8 processor. But it will be powered by iPhone 5S' 64-bit A7 processor. This was supported by a report from C Technology which cited two Foxconn insiders who tipped that two iPhones are coming this year.

These rumors should be treated as a grain of salt until Apple confirmed the iPhone 6 official specs and features. The company remained hushed on the ongoing rumors but the alleged two new iPhones may be part of Apple's "big plans" this year hinted by company's CEO Tim Cook in his letter to the employees.

Meanwhile, A8 processor and iOS 8 are some of the rumored features of the next iPhone. The TouchID fingerprint sensor will be improved with additional features and capabilities. Apple patents suggested iPhone 6 will pack curved or flexible screen embedded by durable material called Liquidmetal and reinforced by Sapphire glass covering, a refocusable light camera, an improved Siri and gestures control.

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