iPhone 6 Features To Have New and Powerful Graphics Chip?

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iPhone 6 features may include new and powerful graphics chip as supplier unveils 192-core GPU.

Imagination Technologies, Apple's supplier of graphic processors, has unveiled its new 192-core GPU that is the most powerful graphics yet for mobile phones and tablets. The new GPU named as PowerVR GX6650 was introduced at the recent Mobile World Congress.

Earlier this month, Apple and Imagination Technologies said they continued their partnership. This means that the latter will continue to provide the graphics chip to Apple devices. But there is a big chance that the new 192-core GPU will come to iPhone 6.

Like in the previous Apple devices, the PowerVR GX6650 would be embedded on the mobile processors with integrated graphics. Current iPhone and iPad use PowerVR graphics processors. The A7 CPU was integrated with Imagination's PowerVR Series 6 graphics.

Imagination Technologies said PowerVR GX6650 bested popular graphics chip like Nvidia's upcoming Tegra K1 platform.

According to Apple Insider, "The PowerVR GX6650 has six unified shading clusters and 192 cores, allowing it to process 12 pixels per clock, a number Imagination says is triple that of its competitors. The new high-end mobile graphics chip is aimed at processors in high-end, high-resolution tablets or 4K smart TVs."

Meanwhile, Apple still has not disclosed the official iPhone 6 features. But it is speculated Apple's next flagship smartphone will pack a bigger screen display with the size of around 4.8 to 6 inches, faster and better A8 processor, and the upcoming iOS 8. Also, a lot of improvements may be seen in the device's fingerprint sensor and voice assistant.

Earlier, it was reported iPhone 6 will be released in June at the Worldwide Developers' Conference alongside next generation of iOS. But the latest reports claimed iPhone 6 release date will arrive in the second half of 2014 as the production of sapphire screen display, which is an essential feature in next iPhone, will start its production in the same period. Thus, it is most likely iPhone 6 will come in September.

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