iPhone 6 Early Release Date to Include ‘Super HD’ Screen Display and Camera?

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The iPhone 5 is still rolling out in a few countries but its successor may be on its way to the tech market packed with an even more amazing camera and screen display.

iPhone 6 will include a "Super HD" screen display and camera. Speculations claimed that it is beyond the Full HD displays in HTC Droid DNA.

This notion is backed up by an analyst. According to Jefferies stock analyst Peter Misek, "the iPhone 5S has a new 'super HD camera/screen, a better battery, and NFC,' and 'possible updates include an IGZO screen for Retina+, 128GB storage."

Other rumours claimed that iPhone 6 will steer away from its usual hues of black and white and will offer 6 to 8 different colours like the iPod line to attract younger generations in buying the handset.

It is believed that early 2013 will herald a new product from the tech giant Apple and will release the successor of its latest smartphone - iPhone 6 or iPhone 5S.

Reports indicate that Apple is looking to switch to a 6-month cycle instead of a 1-year cycle with the iPhone to be more aggressive against competitors such as Samsung and Google. This means consumers may be able to snatch up a colorful iPhone 6 around March 2013.

Asymco's analyst Horace Dediu believes that Apple's future will indeed consist of a new generation of device every six months. This assumption is based on the statement of former Apple CEO John Sculley.

According to Sculley, the company is "going through a very significant change now in terms of product cycles," and that "now it's really introducing products twice a year."

There has been a lot of concern lately that iPhone 5 demand has slowed, based on rumours that suggest Apple has cut back on orders from its suppliers who make the iPhone 5.

An early release date is a way of Apple in regaining its glory being on top of the tech market after most of its products launched the last few months were overshadowed by its competitors. Dediu says that the current predictability of the iPhone's annual launch means that most competitors are probably already preparing to update their models in spring.

As usual, the company remained tight-lipped about the details of its upcoming smartphone.

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