iPhone 6 Display vs Samsung Galaxy S5: Which Smartphone is Better?

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Samsung and Apple's rivalry extend to all parts of their products. As smartphones take on a new form these days, displays have become a primary feature for tech companies. It has also become a major deciding aspect for many consumers. As Samsung released its flagship phone, the Samsung Galaxy S5 the question is now whether Apple can compete with it. Which smartphone is better? 

Despite the criticisms against Samsung, the Korean tech giant has always been credited for developing eye-catching or interesting displays. According to a report by DisplayMate, the Samsung Galaxy S5 can be evaluated against different criteria. The report also goes as far as saying that it may be the best smartphone display yet ever tested.  How did the S5 perform? 

The Samsung Galaxy S5 did not invest more on pixel density but it got high marks from DisplayMate. Most smartphones these days offer extremely high resolutions that additional pixels do not make considerable differences. It is difficult to differentiate displays today. According to DisplayMate's report, Samsung focused on the enhancing the color accuracy, brightness and high ambient lighting performance of the device. 

DisplayMate rated Galaxy S5 as 22% brighter compared to the Galaxy S4. It is also 13% brighter compared to the Galaxy Note 3. These two devices offer excellent displays already. If the S5 scored better than overall display experience should also be better. According to DisplayMate Galaxy S5 offers "the most color accurate display we have ever measured for a smartphone or tablet." 

DisplayMate's report also concludes: 

"[The Galaxy S5] has a long list of new records for best smartphone display performance including: Highest Brightness, Lowest Reflectance, Highest Color Accuracy, Infinite Contrast Ratio, Highest Contrast Rating in Ambient Light, and smallest Brightness Variation with Viewing Angle." 

 "The Galaxy S5 has raised the bar for top display performance up by another notch - an impressive achievement for OLED technology!" 

iPhone 6 Display

Expert reviews reported that the 4.7-inch screen of the iPhone will be offering Full HD 1,920x1,080 resolution. Some analysts think that this remains questionable. Apple may or may not pull it off. Apple prefer resolutions that are easily scalable. Apple might opt for a 2,272x1, 280 resolution instead. 

Apple has also been looking into improving image quality of its screen. The company reportedly got a patent grant for using quantum dot technology. Quantum dots refer to man-made semiconductor nanoparticles used for creating light. The company can fine-tune the dots to the desired size. If Apple wants to tweak it for the iPhone screen, it can do so. The result is more accurate colors. Apple's display promises a lot of things but it can be a few months more to judge that. 

Samsung Galaxy S5 will be out on the market this April 11. Apple's iPhone 6 will be out September. Consumers can test out the S5 to their preferences soon but may have to wait to use it against iPhone 6. 

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