iPhone 6 Design Concepts [PHOTOS]: Thinner Apple Smart Phone with Larger Screen Size and Side Home Button


The build up on the iPhone 6 has created a number of design concept images and videos that made the upcoming Apple smart phone visible to the excited device consumers. Toronto's Peter Zigich shared images of his Apple iPhone 6 creations while Russian Web site AppleInsider.ru presented a demonstration video.

Concept designer Peter Zigich predicts the iPhone 6 will sport a "phablet" size similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note devices. However, the signature Apple home button on the 4.8-inch screen display concept is located on the side of the smart phone.

In terms of low-cost production, Zigich envisions the iPhone 6 having the iPhone 4 size to allow the California-based company to battle and surpass the other economical smartphones.

On the other hand, Russian Web site AppleInsider.ru offered a new demonstration video of the iPhone 6 through YouTube. The video shows the upcoming smart phone with a slimmer and lighter design.  

Other iPhone 6 highlights on the video are the 4.2-inch to 4.8-inch screen display, availability of stereo speakers at the back and various color choices. The iPhone 6 concept video dimensions are mentioned to be 108.5mm x 55.7mm x 7.1mm with a weight of 104 grams.

In the video, the Apple home button was neither visible nor relocated to the side of the smart phone. It is then speculated that Apple will include the high-tech hand gesture or motion control feature. With that, the technology giant could compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 feature where the screen is turned on with just a wave of a hand while lying flat on a surface.  

The iPhone 5S or iPhone6 release is forecast to occur this summer or fall. Apple could be considering the anticipation of the device enthusiasts who wish to get their hands on a brand-new iPhone that offers superior user experience.

Meanwhile, take a look at the photos of concept designs on the upcoming Apple smart phone, iPhone 6, from the Russian Web site AppleInsider.ru.

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