iPhone 6 Confirmed Release Roundup: Thinnest Build Yet, ‘Touch On Display’ and New Backlight Tech

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This month marks the start of production for a number of Apple's upcoming hardware including the iPhone 6. The start of production also gives way for a whole new set of leaks providing more details about what people can expect from the upcoming device. The previous mockups that showed up were due to a misinterpretation assuring consumers of much better looking iPhone 6 variants. More importantly, a sneak of the 4.7-inch edition with curved glass also emerged for the first time. 

According to latest schematics, mockups and images, it appears Apple will be launching the iPhone 6 as the thinnest model to date. The side profile of the handset will reportedly be similar to the 6.1 mm scheme of the iPod touch. G for Games reported about the Chinese media pointing out possible yield issues on the upcoming iPhone 6 because of the handset's size. 

China Times also reported that Apple will be sticking to one layer of brightness enhancement film (BEF) in the LCD display instead of two. This will allow the company to produce a thinner device. Some analysts believe that Apple found a way to develop better BEFs because it can afford to reduce the layer to just one. The upcoming framework will also make way for a new backlight tech operating on the same single layer. 

However, Apple may still not be safe from yield issues because the one BEF layer needs to compensate for the lack of another. There are no clear details yet on what Apple plans on doing with this concern. Apple reportedly extended a deal to Radian and OMRON as additional suppliers aside from Minebea. 

There have been talks about the "touch on display" to be included in the next wave of iPhones. However, reports claim that Apple will stick to the present in-cell technology tapping JDI, Sharp and LG as suppliers. 

Apple fan blog Apple.club.tw revealed several images from imgur.com showcasing the internal components of one of the iPhone 6 variants. The first photo shows a cable links the mute and volume buttons to the main board of the iPhone. The second image shows a different flex cable linked to the power button of the iPhone 6. 

Compared to the location of the buttons on the iPhone 5s, the recent leaks suggest that Apple may have assigned a new power button location on the iPhone 6. Users may likely find it on top of the device by the side of the iPhone 6.

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