iPhone 6 Concept Designs Reveal Wraparound Handset

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iPhone 6 release date is still a few months away. This means concept designers have ample amount of time to toss around fanciful designs of what the Cupertino tech giant plans to do with iPhone 6.

Concept Designer Iskander Utebavev laid down the gauntlet with a wraparound design for the upcoming iPhone 6. His design stretches the screen over the three sides of iPhone 6 and replaced the aluminium volume controls to touchscreen buttons.

Notably, this concept features the same iPhone 5s and iPhone 5 designs. But the display extends along the sides instead of the antennae bands, which could be handy to access system toggles and quick launch icons.

Based on Utebavev's design, iPhone 6 will feature a 4.4-inch full HD unbreakable sapphire screen, 12MP sensor rear camera, new capacitive home button with improved touch ID sensor, faster GPU, A7X processor, improved speakers and thinner and lighter overall design.

Another concept design was reported by iCulture. In collaboration with Martin Hajeck, iCulture created the new iPhone 6 concept design that borrows a couple of design features from iPod Nano. The new iPhone 6 concept design sports curved edges, narrower bezel and bigger screen.

The iCulture concept design sees iPhone 6 with a 4.7-inch screen, which is larger than iPhone 5s display, thanks to the thinner bezel. Also, iPhone 6 might check in at 5.6 millimeters thick, which is a drastic cut from the 7.6 millimeters of iPhone 5s. Also, along with the larger screen size, the next-generation iPhone might incorporate the sturdy sapphire crystal display and a couple of camera and processor improvements.

iPhone 6 release date is expected to happen in the fall alongside the launch of the next generation OS, iOS 8. In the past, iPhones were released in the fall, thus if Apple will stick to its tradition, the fall iPhone 6 release date is entirely possible. At this point, these rumors must be taken with a grain of salt until Apple itself releases official announcement regarding the matter.

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