iPhone 6 Camera Secret of f/1.8 to Beat Galaxy S5 16 MP; Will it Stand Against Sony Sirius 20.7 MP Shooter?

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iPhone 6 latest report suggest that Apple is planning to use 10 MP camera with f/1.8 and will come with new and improved filters that is lighter and thinner than previous IR filters. Is this going to beat Galaxy S5 and will it match Sony Sirius camera lens?

iPhone 6 with 10 MP Camera

Chinese Web site IT168 reported that sources within Taiwan's supply chain claims that Apple is adding 10 MP rear camera with aperture of f/1.8 on the iPhone 6. Moreover, the new 10 MP camera will have new and improved filters that is lighter and thinner compared to IR filters previously used.

IT168 points out Japanese resin manufacturer JSR's creation of a new filter from transparent resin and its Arton resin used on several digital and video cameras with CMOS sensors is designed to create filters lighter and thinner than IR filters which is rumoured to be a part of the iPhone 6.

In effect, users will have better chance to take clearer images as the resin can minimise colour shifts on CMOS imaging sensors.

Other Camera Features

Lighter filters will help capture higher quality images with CMOS sensors and the rumoured aperture f/1.8 is going to boost low-light performances due to its brighter capabilities. Moreover, it will also allow users to shot images with shallow depth of field and blur the background but does not affect sharp focus of closer subjects.

But that's not the only rumoured implementation, according to sources. Apple seems to be working with a new image stabilisation technology based on recent patent filling, according to GSM Arena in addition to brighter and faster camera lens technology.

iPhone 5S vs. Xperia Z1

Early reports revealed that Sony will use the same 20.7 MP Sony G lens with Carl Zeiss optics from Xperia Z1/Z1s on Sirius.

Based on Xperia Z1 camera details, Sony used Exmor RS sensor and BIONZ image processing plus Carl Zeiss optics having aperture of f/2.0. It is quite close to iPhone 6 rumours, but the Xperia Z1 features 20.7 MP for higher resolution.

Aperture with lower rating means brighter captures than higher ones. And in the comparison of iPhone 5S and Xperia Z1 cameras, both have their own downsides.

Trusted Reviews compared the iPhone 5S and the Xperia Z1 camera performance and revealed that Apple's latest iPhone knockout most results generated by the Xperia Z1 due to Sony's imaging inconsistencies.

Camera Test
Apple iPhone 5S
Sony Xperia Z1

Capturing details
Brighter and edges are sharper
Little bit darker with mushy edges

Downsampling in 8 MP
Bright but details begin to fade
Contrast seems low but captures more detail

Edge sharpness
Better details in well lit environments
Not so impressive

Low-light scenes
Low-light means low light
Impressive low-light processing

Macro and depth of field
Captures deeper
A bit shallower

Blur but brighter
Blur and darker

Unlike with the iPhone 5S, Sony Xperia Z1's camera is more interesting due to its aggressive nature, larger sensor and higher resolution - more room to play with. However, the iPhone 5S's camera is more consistent on capturing image, enabling users to simply get images done quickly. But the bottom line is the iPhone 5S sustains great shots in well-lit places, while the Xperia Z1 kicks in under low-light areas.

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