iPhone 6 To Boost Telstra’s Income By $500 Million

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Like other telcos, Telstra is looking forward to the official launch of Apple's iPhone 6 on Sept 9 and its shipment to Australia. The latest flagship of the Cupertino-based tech giant is expected to boost Telstra's income by $500 million, Morgan Stanley Research analysts estimate.

Morgan Stanley reckons that by selling the larger screened iPhone 6, Telstra's would add about 465,000 mobile subscribers for the 2015 financial year, estimated analysts, The Sydney Morning Herald reports.

With the expected new customers, Telstra would have a total of 16.5 million subscribers by mid-2015, ahead of Optus's 9.4 million and Vodafone Australia's 4.96 million current subscribers.

While many phone users think that Telstra's service is high-end, the telco logged the highest satisfaction rating among the survey respondents compare to its two competitors. The report said that 45 per cent of Aussie iPhone users are Telstra subscribers, 27 per cent are with Optus and 26 per cent with Vodafone.

Morgan Stanley forecasts that Telstra would capture 5 per cent of the iPhone market when the iPhone 6 reaches the Australian market, while Optus's share would remain unchanged, but Vodafone would lose 6 per cent share.

"In three of the last four years, Telstra has added significantly more subscribers in the first-half versus the second-half and we believe much of this change is due to the launch of the latest iPhones," the report said, quoted by AFR.

With 465,000 more iPhone subscribers, there would be higher demand for data for Telstra. That would place pressure on Telstra to constantly upgrade its equipment to meet the higher demand.

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