iPhone 6 With Better Battery Life First Choice For Buyers, New Survey Reveals

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Apple iPhone 5S
A woman holds her new Apple iPhone 5S after buying it at an Apple Store in Tokyo Reuters

Apple might be readying a bigger iPhone 6 for a release this fall though new research has shown that a bigger display is not the first priority for iPhone buyers. According to a poll conducted by the gadget deal site WalletHero, it's a better battery life that an overwhelming 97 per cent of prospective iPhone buyers look forward to with the new version.

This is followed by a bigger display which 85 per cent respondents said they wish the upcoming iPhone 6 to offer. This might seem surprising considering Apple thought it's a bigger iPhone that buyers seek the most as was revealed in an internal Apple document that was made public during its patent trial with Samsung, reports BGR.

Coming back to the poll results, a better camera is a top draw for 73 per cent of those polled. A faster processor and micro SD card support is important for 43 and 37 per cent of the respondents respectively. 35 per cent said they wished the iPhone 6 is soft on the wallet. This is interesting considering the upcoming iPhone 6 is rumored to command a higher price tag.  

The survey contradicts an earlier research in Australia that revealed a bigger display as one of the most important criterion for them to purchase the iPhone 6. Also for those who are seeking better battery times out of the iPhone 6, recent rumors haven't been too enthusiastic. This since the iPhone 6 with a bigger 4.7 inch display is expected to offer only a marginal battery time improvement over the iPhone 5s.

Battery times has never been the strong point for the iPhone, a fact that has earned current users of the Apple smartphone the nick name of being 'Wall Huggers' courtesy of Samsung.

The survey also revealed that of those who wish to buy the new iPhone 6, 84 per cent already own an iPhone device. 11 per cent said they currently own an Android phone and will be buying the iPhone 6, which means its a miniscule addition to the iOS family.

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