iPhone 6 Best Features: Retina IGZO, Sapphire Glass, OIS Camera, QHD Display, iOS 8, Self-Healing

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iPhone 6 is the next big thing coming this year and fans would like to know what Apple can offer them. Sources claim that IGZO, OIS Camera, iOS 8, Sapphire Glass and self-healing are some of the best features to beat Android flagship smartphones.

Retina and IGZO Display

Retina display technology from Apple is already present from previous iPhone models except Business Insider claims that IGZO technology may become a part of iPhone 6. So what iPhone 6 will benefit from IGZO?

IGZO or Indium gallium zinc oxide is a revolutionary display and currently being produced by SHARP. If Apple uses IGZO with Retina display, iPhone 6 may get the following:

-          Enhancement on picture resolution

-          Higher levels of efficiency and performance

-          Twice as much resolution using the same transmittance

-          May reduce power consumption to a fifth or even a tenth that of conventional screens

-          Touch panel operational

-          Very sensitive including with stylus

In addition to iPhone 6, IGZO is also compatible with other mobile devices including tablets having different sizes since SHARP already used it on TV screens.

Sapphire Glass

Corning Gorilla Glass is the most popular display glass used on flagship devices to significantly reduce damage from scratch but it remains vulnerable to being shattered with the right amount of force and pressure. According to Digital Trends, Sapphire Glass and Gorilla Glass comparison is arguable in terms of breakage and scratch resistance.

Based on their report, Corning claims that Sapphire is harder to scratch but does not necessarily mean stronger against breakage when dropped regardless if it's the second hardest mineral on earth. Check out the video of Corning Gorilla Glass vs. Sapphire and a Chinese video claiming Sapphire glass is better.

iPhone 6 with Sapphire Glass:

-          Possible more resistance against scratches

-          Less scratches reduce the chance of breakage caused by cracks

-          More expensive due to the value of sapphire

Optical Image Stabilisation Module

Optical Image Stabilisation module on camera is now found on several devices including LG G3 and LG Nexus 5. It is opposed by a lesser version called Digital Image Stabilisation on other devices including Xperia Z2. Here are the differences which may affect iPhone 6's camera quality depending on Apple's optimisation:

1.      OIS uses hardware components which makes it an effective form of stabilisation. Camcorders commonly use this form of image stabilisation.

2.      DIS uses software technology instead to reduce negative effects such as shaky hands.

However, a video recording using 4K resolution between LG G3's OIS and Sony Xperia Z2's DIS resulted differently which something should be considered for a camera enthusiast.

QHD or 2K Display Resolution

It has twice as much resolution than full HD on most flagship devices. According to a Chinese source, iPhone 6 will likely to feature 2K display due to its larger screen size of 4.7 inches. Moreover, 2K display is unlikely to fit on smaller display screens due to several pixels overcrowding each other. iPhone 6 with 2K resolution, Retina display and IGZO may generate remarkable benefits:

-          Twice as much image and video resolution than full HD

-          Increases the maximum pixel reach of Retina display than before

-          IGZO display technology will improve colour accuracy, picture and image display, and help reduce power consumption.

iOS 8 Version

A new iPhone means a new operating system version and right now, iOS 8 is the likely software to run iPhone 6. Here are the software features iPhone 6 will get from iOS 8:

-          Supports health and fitness apps

-          Voice and video sending with iMessages

-          Upgraded keyboard with new recognition tool

-          Family Sharing of up to six devices on iTunes, iBooks and App Store

-          Integration of iPhone, iPad and MAC on each other including messages

-          iCloud Drive cloud storage service

Self-Healing Feature

iPhone 6 may not have dust or water resistance but a "self-healing" feature may be possible. BGR reported that Apple invents a self-healing technology that could give future iPhones display.

It is a new spin on the quantum dot technology to significantly improve the quality of iPhone 6 display screen. Apple's upcoming technology offers a solution to eliminate artefacts and imperfections on displays by using a special coating to protect the backlight guide from scratches. Moreover, the technology aims to be enabled on other Apple products including iPad and MAC computers to deliver the smoothest display possible.

Apple iPhone 6 is expected to be announced on September with possible official release on the following month. Based on the official Web site of iOS 8, Apple plans to roll out the new firmware by fall of 2014.

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