iPhone 6 to be Cheaper than Samsung Galaxy S4?


The upcoming iPhone 6 may cost less than rival Samsung Galaxy S4.

New rumours claimed that Apple is considering revising its pricing strategy, especially for the iPhone, in order to compete with companies offering low-priced devices such as Samsung. The upcoming iPhone will probably cost around $300 less than its rival.

Apple executives were alarmed that the company is losing its dominance in the market. Consumers are paying attention to smartphones with affordable pricing but offers great features and performance.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Apple is seriously considering releasing a low-priced iPhone to enter the market. According to the report, the specs and features will be the same but the outer body of the device will be switched to plastic instead of aluminium.

Some tech websites thought that Apple's rumoured pricing strategy could be effective especially to markets like China and India - where no contract deals are more popular than contract bound smartphone deals.

Recently, alleged photos of the parts of the upcoming iPhones surfaced online and sources say that the next generation of Apple's iPhone will be released later this year.

Purported images of the next-generation "iPhone 5S" and "iPhone 6" parts were published on a French gadget blog. Nowhereelse.fr, which has published images of genuine parts from unreleased Apple devices in the past, recently published a pair of photos that it claims show internal speaker enclosures destined for two different upcoming iPhone models.

The origin of the photos was not indicated. He also notes that the names "iPhone 5S" and "iPhone 6″ are being used as placeholders, and the site does not claim knowledge of Apple's naming scheme for its next-generation iPhone models.

Some of the rumoured features of the next iPhone are super HD camera, massive internal storage of 128GB, Near Field Communication, a better battery and IGZO screen display. 

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