iPhone 6, 5S Release Dates Should be Soon as iPhone 5 Demand Plunged, Say Analysts


Apple needed to release its upcoming smartphones, iPhone 6 and 5S, as fast as it could as the sales of the iPhone 5 significantly dropped.

Apple sold an astonishing 5,000,000 devices in just the first weekend of sales. But, the number of iPhone 5 units selling at the moment seems to be dropping at an alarming rate.

Analysts thought that the sales and the demand for the iPhone 5 took a dive because of the rumoured release of the cheaper iPhone 5S.

There are whispers that Apple is bound to release a cheaper version of iPhone that is thought to be made entirely of fantastic plastic to save on costs, it is through that you could have one of your own for around three hundred bucks.

This may well help Apple to extend its range of products into the lower income bracket consumers as up until now, Apple has been sitting pretty at the top of the price scale when it comes to smartphones.

 Apple CEO Tim Cook himself has to some extent broken his trademark silence to tell a Goldman Sachs conference that the Cupertino-based company has no interest in developing and releasing a "crappy product". This is an obvious response to the iPhone 5S rumours and a way to encourage customers to not hesitate in buying the latest iPhone 5.

New rumours claimed that tech giant Apple will released the next major iPhone in 2014.

Apple may not be able to release an iPhone with ground breaking specs and features this year, according to Jefferies analyst Peter Misek, who maintains a high level of confidence regarding his hardware predictions. As with any research-based report, the information within should be taken with a grain of salt.

Misek said that the original plan is to release an iPhone with a bigger screen display; however, Apple's screen suppliers are struggling with the manufacturing process in increasing the size of the 4-inch iPhone to 4.8-inches.

Misek concluded that Apple will release a low-cost iPhone in June, as well as an iPhone 5S, which a handset without major upgrades.

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