iPhone 6: 5.7-Inch iPhone Phablet Or Twice As Thin As the Old iPhone 3GS, Release Date In May Or September?

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The iPhone 6 release date could possibly be delayed until September. But according to new reports, an iPhone phablet is rumored to be launched to rival Samsung Galaxy Note 3 in May. The rumors about a bigger screen iPhone being unveiled in May have been triggered by Yahoo Japan, which reported that the phablet / smartphone will spearhead a fresh line of iPhones for release in 2014.

Following hot discussions of the phablet's debut in May, there are reports saying the iPhone 6 will arrive sometime in September 2014. The reports also indicate that the iPhone phablet will not have Apple's upcoming A8 SoC but will feature the iPhone 5S's 64-bit A7 processor instead.

It is also speculated that the iPhone phablet will sport a huge screen to compete with the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, which has already been receiving rave reviews around the world, and might land with a 5.7-inch screen or larger.

This bold move comes as Apple continues to compete with other successful devices released by other tech companies. The Cupertino-based company has released an iPad Mini to compete in the very successful small range tablet market, which is being dominated by devices such as Google Nexus, Amazon Kindle and other devices from Samsung. Now it appears Apple will compete with the bigger smartphone market, which is now dominated by Samsung devices and the HTC One Max, among others.

Meanwhile, the latest grist in the rumor mill talks about a very think iPhone 6. According to a Korean site, ET News, Apple is working on its next iteration of the company's cash cow smartphone rumored to be the "iPhone Air." The new iPhone is speculated to measure only 6 mm thick. For comparison, the iPhone 5S has a depth of 7.6 mm and the old iPhone 3GS now seems a huge brick by 2014 standards, measuring at more than 12 mm thick.

It is reported Apple will release two versions of the iPhone in 2014. Apple has still remained silent about all the rumors concerning its future devices but many analysts assume that any future Apple smartphones launched this year will retain the TouchID finger print sensor technology seen on the iPhone 5S and even offer an eye scanner for additional security.

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