iPhone 6 on 2014 Release Date Will Deliver These 5 Fresh iOS 8 Killer Features

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How the iPhone 6 will look like on release date is the focus of recent spate of leaks about the device lately but there is little doubt that its behaviour will be dictated by the killer features packed with iOS 8.

Replacing iOS 7.1.1, iOS 8 is tipped for a grand preview on Apple's 2014 WWDC edition that will kick off in early June and on the same event, what the iPhone 6, which is true for both the 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch models, is actually capable of will be displayed in full glory.

And five of these exciting device functions are briefly detailed below:

Reconfigured iTunes services

Apple- centric site 9to5Mac has been reporting that the iTunes in iOS 8 and for that matter in the 2014 builds of iPhones and iPads will be serving hot menu items, among them the likely emergence of iTunes Radio as a separate entity.

The purpose of the adjustment is to give the service the leg and muscle it needs to bolt away from increasing threats of rivals like Spotify. Now, the supposed $3.2 billion Apple takeover of Beats Electronics appear to bring a big piece of this developing puzzle that when finalised will likely integrate with iOS 8 in its release build.

Fully-improved Apple Maps

Indoor navigational tools on public places and accurate public commuting assistance are but among the enhancements that Apple reportedly envisions for the Maps services that will be found on this year's iPhones and iPads.

The tech giant wants to erase the fiasco that marred the iPhone 5 debut in 2012 and cost long-time Apple executive Scott Forstall his job so in iOS 8, the company aims to bring a Map application "that would allow users to see visible points of interest nearby using the compass embedded in every iPhone," Business Insider said in a report.

In order to realise this, the tech site noted that Apple has been engage in a shopping spree following the forgettable iOS 6 Maps episode. Now companies under Apple's ownership should theoretically bump up the iOS Map into a navigational instrument that efficiently manages and analyses location and direction data.

Healthbook app

Numerous reports, backed by iOS 8 leaks, suggest the introduction of a new application called Healthbook in the 2014 releases of iPhone and iPads. This app will reportedly integrate the iOS devices with a new Apple wearable gadget that is rumoured to go by the name iWatch.

With the new iOS build, Apple engineers will tap the Healthbook to function with embedded iPhone/iPad sensors that will help users to pull up information such as blood sugar level and heart rate directly from their mobile device. The objective is for Apple fans to make use of the medical date so they can have a healthier lifestyle.

Touch ID and mobile payment in iOS 8

This year, it is believed that the Touch ID fingerprint reader technology that Apple had unveiled with the iPhone 5S last year will finally make its way to the 2014 iPads. The upgrade, however, is not only about better mobile device security protocols aided by biometric principles but also an enhanced mobile computing environment.

Part of the package is the fusion of Touch ID features, in iOS 8 and iPhone 6 with better hardware and software rendition, and online mobile payment that is smoother and with a tougher protective shell - hardwired with the iOS 7.1.1 successor.

More and better hands-free iPhone features

Siri will reportedly be re-authored in iOS 8 that will render this Apple digital assistant to become more responsive and accurately performs tasks and answer questions on voice prompts and queries. Then the supposed Wi-Fi connectivity for the CarPlay services will also get initiated in the iOS 8-powered iPhone 6.

The point is, Apple is making efforts to dispense more iPhone and iPad features minus the need to reach for the devices especially in situations that call for hands-free mobile device use such as driving a car. The emphasis is not only on convenience and efficiency but also on user safety.

This entire package stuffed with the new iOS 8, according to the latest reports, will get unleashed starting on August 2014, which is release date for the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 while the bigger 5.5-inch model is set to be unwrapped in the following month or September.

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