iPhone 5S: Top 5 Hidden Features To Make the Device More 'Productive'

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Many users have found new hidden features on their iPhone 5S. But for those who are still looking, here are the top five hidden features of the device to make it more productive for an average user.

These features are part of the list from Gottabe Mobile and Mashable:

 1 - Slow Motion Video

For readers who wish to make their videos stand out and look more artistic, they can use the slow motion video capture feature. The 8 MP camera on iPhone 5S allows the users to capture a 720 pixel video in slow motion. Normal video recording can be done in 1080 pixels. While shooting the video, users can swipe to the left to activate this feature. Users have control of which part of the video should be in slow motion while part of the video can have normal speed.

2 - Most Visited Areas

iPhone 5S allows users to check the most recently visited areas. This feature can be useful for those who wish to discover more in the most visited areas. Another benefit of this feature is that it may help users to predict how long it may take to get to the next appointment. Users can view the location history by going to Settings - Privacy - Location Services - System Services - Frequent Locations.

3 - Autofocus

Users can activate the auto focus by pressing and holding the volume up button. The auto focus square will appear.

4 - Preview Messages and Mail

Users of iPhone 5S can get a peek at the messages or mails by swiping to the right. Users will get a preview list of all the messages.

5 - Create an Event

Creating an event or scheduling a reminder is much easier in iPhone 5S. In the iMessages, the day and date in the text get automatically underlined, users can create an event by tapping the underlined text and the event can be added to the calendar for a reminder.

Readers may encounter many more hidden features in iPhone 5S, some may be more useful than others. Have the new features on the phone to make it more productive to the users?

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