iPhone 5s and Samsung Galaxy S5: Which is Better

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Apple and Samsung are always under competition with each other in the field of smartphones. There are certain remarkable features that are included in both the devices. For comparison, it is important for the users to understand which feature will click them the most.


The appearance of the iPhone 5s is much more classy and elegant than the Samsung Galaxy S5. The 5s is built in aluminium chassis whereas the S5 has a plastic body. Clearly, the iPhone 5s emerges as better phone in terms of appearance.


There are some people who prefer a larger screen and others prefer a smaller screen. Though the smaller sized phone has better ergonomics and simpler in handling, the larger phones are easier to read and operate it smoothly. The Galaxy S5 has a screen size of 5.1 inches, which might be difficult to hold while operating it with one hand and iPhone 5s on the other hand has a size of 4 inches which makes it easy to operate with a single hand.


The iMessage in an iPhone is a unique feature that sends messages to the contact list on the go and it is free of cost from one iPhone to another. The iMessage can only be accessed on Apple products. Though iMessage is fun to use and every user enjoy its use.

The Whatsapp common messaging platform can be used not just in Samsung phones but also in other devices as well.  

Apple offers the Touch ID facility which is useful in enforcing extra security. The Galaxy S5 also offers a similar feature offering the fingerprint scanner, but Apple has an upper hand in such features.


Both iPhone 5s and Galaxy S5 offers good camera performance. However, what stands out is the double flash that offers a good picture in the dark and iSight camera that offers stunning picture quality by iPhone 5s.

Whereas the Galaxy S5 does give some pretty decent shots and offers the option of selective focus which allows choosing from different focal points.

iPhone has an advantage over Samsung

The one thing that makes iPhone above all other models is its Siri Siri feature. It is the personal voice assistant of iPhone 5s. The Siri Siri very easily helps in navigation.

The Android is trying to introduce something similar by offering Google Now services, but its functions are in no comparison with that of Siri Siri.

The features like the reversible lightning port, the mute switch that is easily accessible and also the sensor system seem to give strong points in favour of iPhone 5s over Galaxy S5. 

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