iPhone 5S Release Date Update: Is Apple Releasing the iPhone 6 in September 2013 Wrapped in iPhone 5S Specs and Look?

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It will be an iPhone 5S release date that will happen right before the start of Q4 2013, analysts and Apple watchers agree on this, but there is no stopping the tech giant from pulling a huge surprise and opt to unveil the iPhone 6 instead.

To date, there is no solid evidence that points to a specific 5S debut in September this year. The only clear indication that the '5S label' is what to come is the established iPhone releases that started forming in 2009.

After coming up with the iPhone 3G in 2008, Apple thought it wise to take an incremental mode and issue the iPhone 3GS in the following year. It has been the case since then - the 3GS was replaced by the iPhone 4, which was then followed by the iPhone 4S.

In late 2012 and as expected, Apple rolled out the iPhone 5 and logic dictates that its successor should be called the iPhone 5S. But the tech titan can always deviate from this pattern and is in fact silent on what iOS smartphone coming our in the coming months.

In fact, the 5S release date was manufactured through speculations and picked up media reports with analysts also using the term, probably for convenience's sake. Officially, the iPhone 5S is not acknowledged by Apple and the same goes with the iPad Mini 2 and the iPad 5.

While the same 'doubt treatment' should be applied with the term iPhone 6, Apple can pick it up to capitalise on the incredible interests that it has already generated, as attested by numerous tech reports citing the continuously spiking Google search queries for anything about iPhone 6.

Such decision would be based on marketing concerns. Recall that Ken Segall, former Apple advertising chief, pitched the idea of jumping to the iPhone 6 instead of going through the 'S' route.

In doing so, Apple would better compete with the likes of HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4, the latter resoundingly defeated the iPhone 5 in the June 2013 quarter after amassing some 23 million of unit sales from April through end of June.

Given Apple would make that name-shift, is it logistically ready? It is as the company is not required to meet the rumoured specs about the supposedly phablet-size and radically redesigned iPhone 6.

Instead, the tech firm can go ahead with what has been started as the iPhone 5S production and just packaged everything as the new iPhone 6. According to analysts, the upcoming iOS 7 smartphone from Apple is fully-equipped with spec upgrades with loads of killer features - fingerprint scanner, improved camera lens and app plus Retina+ screen resolution, to name a few.

Those power features should be enough to merit the label iPhone 6.

How about the so-called iPhone 6 blueprint? Apple should continue on with the project, if it's already underway, and on release date in 2014, the company can call it the iPhone 6S or a plain iPhone 7. For sure, nobody can argue with that.

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