iPhone 5S Release Date: Piper Jaffray Analyst Claims Apple Smart Phone will Arrive in June 2013 [PHOTOS]


Apple smart phone enthusiasts are either curious or excited or both as to when the iPhone 5S will be released and a Piper Jaffray analyst provided an answer. According to Gene Munster, the iPhone 5S release date is scheduled on June 2013 and a low-priced iPhone version will arrive in September 2013.

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster deems that the technology giant will unveil an improved iPhone 5S with a much faster processor, an enhanced camera and the inclusion of an NFC chip that will lead the new digital wallet software that Apple developed.

The analyst further added that there is an "outside chance" the iPhone 5S will have the biometric security feature. The incorporation of the feature would most probably appear in another forthcoming Apple creation, the iPhone 6.

Additionally, analyst Gene Munster claims Apple is set to launch a low-priced iPhone model in September 2013. Other reports point out that the company's upcoming cheaper iPhone features, specifications and design will be just like the iPhone 5.

"We continue to believe Apple will have a cheaper phone product to address the emerging markets. In recent public comments, Tim Cook noted that the original iPod cost $399 and eventually the company released a $49 iPod Shuffle which addressed a broader market. We believe Apple will likely introduce a cheaper device in the September quarter," Munster stated.

Web site Gizmorati reported that they were informed about Apple's preparation for the launching event of the iPhone 5S called "Original Passion, New Ideas" on June 29, 2013. However, Apple is still not giving any official announcement to confirm or deny the rumored launching event as well as the claims on the iPhone 5S June release and the low-priced iPhone version arrival in September.

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