iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Featured in New Video Leaks: Scratch Test, Comparisons and More Sneak Peeks [VIDEOS]

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As September nears, more leaks have been appearing for the iPhone 5S in anticipation of its launch.

But even before the official reveal of the phone, there were already videos circulating that have examined the upcoming device and even subjected it to a bunch of scratch tests.

The Scratch Test: What Happens with the iPhone 5S?

Jailbreak Nation, the creator of the video, subjected the gold iPhone 5S to some scratch and scuffing tests.

According to the user, the main problem is that general use of the iPhone 5 can cause accidental scratches on the surface. Even objects such as coins or motions like sliding it on hard surfaces can create these marks.

This is the reason why the scratch test was conducted to the new device--to test whether or not the same problem will happen for the refresh.

There were two tests conducted, one with a coin and another one with a knife. For the first test, the gold version did not show any scratches on the coin, even when it was subjected to pretty harsh scuffing. The sides of the gold version did have some scratches, particularly for the silver lining on the bezel, but not as noticeable as when you get the darker variant.

The second test that was conducted involved knifing the side of the iPhone 5S. Obviously, as there have been no reports of a scratch-resistant body cover for the iPhone 5S, the scratches on the device were very prominent.

Check out the video to see what you should not do, should you decide to get the iPhone 5S.

iPhone 5S Sneak Peek

In the video, DetroitBORG has stated that the iPhone 5S Gold is believed to be debuting with the iPhone 5C, which is the low-cost plastic iPhone.

As usual, the preview of the device only featured the back cover of the device. Here, the device was examined closely and compared to the iPhone 5.

Starting with the camera, you can see that the slot for the flash is different and more elongated than the iPhone 5, further showing proof of the double flash for the refresh phone. The microphone has also been modified upon closer inspection.

The overall dimensions are pretty much the same as well as the main design. This is probably why the gold colour option, as well as the rumoured steel colour, will join the design.

Minute details, such as the change in the branding of the iPhone at the back can be seen. Comparing it to the iPhone 5, you now get a thinner font, which the YouTube user attributes to the need to match with the iOS 7 overall aesthetics.

The gold iPhone 5S is also compared to a white variant of the iPhone 5S, which you can check out in this video.

Colourful iPhone 5C and the iPhone 5S

As seen in the previous video, the iPhone 5S will be a refresh phone with a similar design to the iPhone 5, differing only in the two colour offerings, gold or champagne, and graphite.

Other features that have been enumerated in the video include the 2 GB of RAM and a new Retina display for improved colour accuracy for the iPhone 5S.

A look at the iPhone 5C variants all lined up with the iPhone 5S are also shown here, so you may want to take a look.

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