iPhone 5S & Cheaper iPhone: Top Features to Expect on Apple’s Reported August 2013 Release

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Purported release dates have become staples of tech news about Apple but new suggestions that the tech giant is pushing for an August 2013 outing for two new iPhone models also pointed to fresh and interesting power-packed features.

Mostly, the iPhone 5S and a budget iPhone model would address network compatibility and affordability, which should allow Apple to break new grounds and possibly establish new market territories.

The latter, according to analysts, is aimed to stop the company's flagging shares value and at the same time, put bits of pressure to its chief rival, Samsung.

More or less, we can expect Apple to rollout the following iPhone flavours:

A global LTE chip

According to Apple Insider, Apple is likely to employ Qualcomm's new RF360 network chipset that would allow the production of a single iPhone model that is able to access existing and future network infrastructures around the world.

Qualcomm's new product "offers support for all seven cellular modes, including LTE-FDD, LTE-TDD, WCDMA, EV-DO, CDMA 1x, TD-SCDMA and GSM/EDGE," Apple Insider said.

This approach should allow faster turnover of iPhone handsets plus the possibility of cornering more smartphone users, specifically in Chine where two network bands currently in use, TD-SCDMA and TD-LTE, are incompatible with the present configuration of the iPhone 5.

Apple is looking to tap China Mobile's base subscribers of around 700 million in deploying Qualcomm's new LTE chip offering, which the latter said is ready for commercial use by Q3 2013.

Bigger screen size for the cheaper iPhone

It was reported last week that Apple indeed is issuing its mass-geared handset and to lure as many consumers as possible, the tech titan will allow the use of 4.5-inch display screen for the budget iPhone.

Apple saw the emergence on large-screen Android phones and how they were embraced by buyers around the world. It intends to win back consumers and convince more to return to the iPhone with the move, which is like tech giant saying: "We also follow pressing market demands."

Polycarbonate housing

This, apparently, is exclusive for the more affordable iPhone edition. In order to achieve an attractive price point for the cheaper iPhone, Apple is cutting corners where it can while maintaining its signature of providing only the best gadget for its loyal and new fans.

Polycarbonate is not new to Apple. The MacBook was once encased in the material prior to Apple's decision to for the aluminium unibody make for all its notebook lines. Now the material is reportedly making a return to wrap the entry-level iPhone body, which the tech giant will reportedly retail at around $US330.

More colour options for the iPhone 5S

The goal is to extend the variety on the bland black and white offering of what remains as the top smartphone brand in the world. Recent surveys have been hinting that that Apple is losing its cool and appeal, a sentiment that is more prevalent on the younger generation.

Apple is reading consumers' vibes and is attempting to win back favour by widening the reach of its handset. Doing so should be easy for the firm as it has a template already in place - the multi-colour casing of the iPod Touch, still the name to beat when it comes to portable music player.

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