iPhone 5C is Not a Washout; Did iPhone 5C Beat Samsung Galaxy S4 Sales?


When iPhone 5C has been released, there were many negative feedbacks and criticisms mainly brought by the plastic appearance of the phone, which was far-off from Apple's expected standards.

Customers did not appreciate that Apple moved from premium and exclusive smartphones arena to something of lesser range and value (mid-range). 

Apple Insider revealed a startling chart, which talks about the comparison of different smartphones from the sales' point of view.


At the end of the previous year, Apple saw the most dominant presence in the U.S. market, with iPhone 5S leading the pack over AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile connections.

Despite the negative feedback, Apple's iPhone 5C crushed many Android smartphones and also trumped BlackBerry 10 and Windows Phones.

iPhone 5C even beat out Samsung's Galaxy S4 on AT&T in September and October.

According to the data, iPhone 5S ranked number one, followed by Galaxy S4, and iPhone 5C ranked third.

None of the other devices (vendors) surfaced on the list. When it comes to the U.S. market, Samsung and Apple fight it out at the top.

Most of the reports bordering iPhone 5C have been negative so far, with the latest rumor that Apple was sitting on millions of unsold units of iPhone 5C, Business Insider claimed. But the smartphone's U.S. performance clearly proved consumers are not ignoring Apple's plastic-looking and relatively cheap phone.

Also, Apple's leading market position in premium smartphones arena is evident, from accruing 80 percentage of premium phone sales in China to 76 percentage of all smartphones in Japan and 45 percentage of all smartphones sold in the U.S., Apple Insider claimed.

Although one cannot state that Apple's iPhone 5C is the world's best phone with great value, but as Business Insider quoted, "It sure seems as though Apple's "flop" is doing much better than people thought."

It is still worthy to pay an extra $100 and opt for an iPhone 5S instead of 5C, but if price is the deciding factor then iPhone 5C should do the job.

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