iPhone 5 is Worth the Long Wait and Line, Says Australians


Australians are the first people to get their hands on the new iPhone 5 and dozens of fans said they are satisfied with the new device and it was all worth it.   

Lots of Apple fans patiently formed a line overnight to finally purchase the new smartphone this morning. Australia's proximity to the dateline means those who were first through the doors at 8am were the first to access the device, which is made available in selected countries today.

At Apple's flagship store in George Street in Sydney, it appears the cult of Apple had lost none of its charm since the death of Steve Jobs. The iPhone 5 is proved to be popular to the fans. The queue extended from the store on George Street, briefly up King Street before snaking down York Street, jumping the road and continuing on for another 100m.

According to the interviews gathered by The Australian, a lot of people waited in line for the new device.

Some people have been lining up outside the Apple Store whenever the company releases a new device.

Telstra this morning hosted what it said was a "queue without equal" for iPhone fans lining up at its flagship store at 400 George Street right across the Apple Store.

Telstra said that "among other treats, Telstra customers will be able to sit in luxurious chairs while being attended to by personal waiters dedicated to bringing them treats as the morning unfolds."

Telstra planned the same service to cater to its consumer in its branches in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth and says it was opening 100 stores at 8am local time across Australia to sell the iPhone 5.

Optus also opened its doors at 8am for the iPhone 5, giving Optus customers who pre-ordered the phone priority in its queue, and tech experts were on-hand to assist customers at flagship stores in Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth.

Apple unveiled its latest smartphone in San Francisco at the Yerba Buena Center for Arts, and has the entire tech world watching to see the next generation iPhone. Some of its amazing features are 4G/LTE connectivity, 4-inch screen display and new operating system. 

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