iPhone 5 Goes Wacky: Eye-Candy or Eye-Popping Cases for Your Beloved Gadget


If you were one of those who hit the stores running when the iPhone 5 was released, your handset is probably months old by now. Keep it looking new and stylish with a new case, which are now flocking the stores to keep your device as good-looking as it is protected.

Speak out your mind and dress up your iPhone 5 in many ways-be it practical, wacky, or eye-catching with these iPhone 5 cases.

iBike Rider case

Holler to the biker chick or dude in you with the iBike Rider case, which is best suited for those always on the go on two wheels. Its best features include the waterproof protective cover, which still allows you to operate the device.

It is also wrist-mounted, so riding the bike (or commuting, for those who prefer public transportation) will feel at ease. A microphone headset can also be connected to the helmet for on-the-road use.

PC World reports that the case is priced at $62, or $92 for those who want to get the matching headset.

Griffin KaZoo case

Griffin KaZoo is all about splashing your phone with cuddly eyes and eye-catching color with this soft silicone case that makes maneuvering your iPhone 5 as easy as pie.

Get the bright blue elephant or the brown-and-beige monkey designs for only $24.99 a piece, according to Digital Trends.

Mophie Juice Pack

Running out of iPhone 5 juice in the middle of an important meeting? It's no surprise considering the par to which the iPhone 5's battery stands compared to its competitors. But worry no more as Mophie has taken the necessary step to solve this problem with the Mophie Juice Pack case.

PC World reports this case to have a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, encased in the non-slip grip case. Now you can have more talk time using your phone-to as much as six hours!-or seven hours for surfing the Internet, all for $110.

Dr. Who TARDIS Police Box

Let loose your inner Dr. Who fanatic with this inspired TARDIS iPhone 5 case by CaseEnvy. Featuring the famed police box, the design was inked to ensure a no peeling or fading quality.

The iPhone 5 case is made of hard silicone rubber plastic, a durable companion for device. Etsy.com also reports that it has textured grip areas, which come in handy for those with slippery hands.

Case-mate recession case

Some people want to dress their iPhone 5 in the same fashion as any gadget in the lap of luxury. But there are others who may want to dress it down as dirty as possible-and Case-mate's recession iPhone case gives you that creative but not-over-the-top look.

Whether you want to be unique, or you just want to cut down on your budget, Case-mate has a cardboard case that can easily be bought for $1.10. Or, if you're really low on cash, download the template on the official website and create your own recession case.

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