iPhone of 13-Year-Old Maine Student Burns While Inside Pants Back Pocket

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User of Apple phones are warned not to place their units inside the back pockets of the pants while seated. Otherwise, you run the risk of setting your pants on fire and burning your butt like than man from Finland or a female student in the U.S.

A 13-year-old female high school student at the Kennebunk Middle School in Maine suffered moderate burns when her iPhone burned while inside her pants' back pocket on Friday, reported SeacoastOnline.

Early in the day, the student heard a pop when she sat down at her desk. Then smoke came out from her back pocket where she kept her iPhone. Other students helped extinguish the fire on the student's pants, while a teacher got a blanket to kill the fire, recalled Kennebunk Middle School Principal Jeff Rodman.

While some students helped remove the burning pants, the iPhone - whose exact model was not identified - fell out of the pocket and appeared burnt, the principal said.

The speculation is that the iPhone's battery shorted out when the student sat on the device, prompting EMS Division Chief Andrew Palmeri to warn students, "People should obviously use caution when placing their phones in their back pockets so as not to crush them and cause an electrical short."

Most of the time, phones kept in back pockets are notorious for inadvertent butt dialing of numbers in the device's director. Although there had been previous instances of Apple devices burning, most of the time the incidents involved using the phone while charging, using a non-Apple charger and spontaneous combustion like what happened to a demo iPad at a Vodafone retail outlet in Canberra, Australia, in November.

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