iPhone: 10 Hidden Headphone Tricks

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Did you know that the three button controls on Apple Headphones can do much more than just increasing & decreasing the volume?

These buttons (volume-up, center, volume-down) when pressed in certain combinations, can fairly eliminate the need to take your phone out of your pocket or bag to do regular tasks.

These button controls are very simple and easy to remember. These tricks should work on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Here are the 10 tricks to benefit the full potential of your Apple headphone:

1. To take a photo with a button click:

Launch the camera app from your iPhone and press the volume-up button on the headphone to take a photo.

2. To decline an incoming call:

Press the center button on your headphone and hold for roughly two seconds to decline an incoming call. The consecutive beeps that you hear confirm that the caller was sent to your voicemail.

3. To answer a incoming call or to hang up any call:

Upon getting an incoming call, press the center button to answer it and press the same button one more time to hang up the call.

4. To switch between calls:

While you are already on a call, if you get another call, press the center button once to switch calls. In order to end the new call, press and hold the center button down for roughly 2 seconds.

5. To activate Siri:

The iPhone users can activate Siri by pressing and holding the center button.

6. To pause or play a song/video:

You can pause or play a song /video by just pressing the center button once.

7. To skip the on-going song:

To skip the current song, press the center button twice quickly.

8. To go to previous song:

In order to go back to the previous song, press the center button three times back-to-back.

9. To fast forward a song:

In order to fast forward a song, press the center button three times and hold (long-press) the center button on the second press.

10. To rewind a song:

To rewind a song, press the center button thrice and hold (long-press) the center button down on the third press.

Do you have any other trick to add? Feel free to leave a comment.

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