iPad Pro Release Update, to Feature Eye Tracking, 2K and 4K Display

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Apple will reportedly release a hybrid named the iPad Pro. According to reports, the iPad Pro will combine the functionalities of the much-loved iPad line with MacBook Pro series. Whereas the rest of the competitors focus on production of 7- and 8-inch models, Apple will create a 12-inch slate instead. Additional information reveal that the company will include eye tracking and 2K display. Can the iPad Pro deliver? 

It seems the tech giant thinks that there is more room for bigger tablets in the market. Instead of following its smaller slates, the company will focus on the production of a 12.9-inch tablet, to be exact. The iPad Air proves to be one step closer to bringing slates to the functionalities of a laptop. If not, Apple would not have named it after one of its most popular products, the MacBook Air, according to a report. 

Apple's move on the Air means its growing interest over combining its line of products. The company has been one of the last to adopt the "hybrid" concept. According to reports, a professional tablet from the company will likely come in the fall. Foxconn sources suggested that Apple wanted to go for a winter or spring release instead. 

Reported features of the device include a 2K display and eye tracking. The 2k display will be the first version and then another version with a 4K display will come up. There are also reports saying that Apple will remove the Retina technology from its next line of iPads. 

Though the latest iPads appear stunning, they are still short in resolution compared to more affordable competitors like Amazon's Kindle Fire HDX. This is the primary reason why analysts think Apple will do away with the Retina and increase resolution instead. 

People will have to wait for an official announcement from the company to know the final details. Apple's biggest rival, so far, Samsung, will also be releasing a tablet Pro series, the Samsung Galaxy Note Pro. The device will come in two editions as well: the Galaxy Note 12.2 and the Galaxy Note 10.1. It will be interesting to see how these two Pro lines will compete with each other. 

Apple will reportedly release the iPhone 6 in 2014 as well. 

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