iPad Pro Release Update: 5 Tablet Features You Should Watch Out For

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Apple Ipad tablet
IN PHOTO: An illustration picture shows application icons on an Apple Ipad tablet held by a woman in Bordeaux, Southwestern France, February 4, 2013. Reuters

iPad Pro release date was still unconfirmed. But consumers have high expectations in the tablet.

The tablet is set to arrive either later this year or early next year. iPad Pro is the next generation of Apple's tablet that will pack a larger screen, more powerful processor, fingerprint sensor and attachable keyboard.

Below are the top five features of the tablet that consumers should watch out for:

12.9 UHD Screen Display

There are rumors the upcoming iPad Pro will replace the MacBook Air. The tablet will pack a bigger screen display. There are reports Apple is prepping both 2K and 4K displays for Pro. The Air already packs a 2048 x 1536 display but the rumored $K variant will pack something close to 4096 x 3072 pixels. 

A8 Processor

A device with massive screen display and higher needs a powerful processor, which will be embodied in the next generation of Apple's chipset. Previous reports claimed Apple is ready to enter the manufacturing phase for A8 chip to meet the iPad Pro release date in fall.

iOS or OS X

Apple will release a new operating system at its annual Worldwide Developers' Conference in June. This mobile software will be used by succeeding Apple devices. But there are rumors that since iPad Pro will replace MacBook Air, then it must pack an OS X software.

Smart Cover With Accessories (Keyboard And Stylus)

Apple's Smart Cover may become smarter as recent patent showed the smart cover may include improvements such as full keyboard. This feature could be similar to the Type Cover on Microsoft's Surface. Apple's patent suggested the keyboard that could operate unattached from the cover, which allows you to attach the keyboard to your iPad in a variety of configurations or use the accessory wirelessly.

The keyboard may also support gesture controls in a small panel, which would eliminate the need for a traditional touchpad. The new iPad Pro may also pack a stylus like Samsung Galaxy Note tablet, which rumors dubbed as iPen.

TouchID Fingerprint Sensor And Eye Tracking Feature

Apple's touchID fingerprint sensor made its debut in iPhone 5S. It is most likely the feature will come forth in iPad Pro. This will provide added security to the device as passwords can be replaced by biometrics to avoid phishing of information. Aside from one's fingerprints, users may also use their eyeballs in navigation. But there is no clear description of how this feature will function in the device.

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