iPad Pro Release Date To Show Off Sapphire Glass Display, Eye Tracking And Keyboard Features

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iPad Pro release date will roll out features such as sapphire glass display, eye tracking and keyboard accessory.

iPad Pro was reported to pack a 12.9-inch screen display with 4K resolution. The resolution is 4x greater than high-definition television. In a nutshell, the iPad Pro would be the highest resolution tablet in the market.

It is critical for Apple to release a bigger tablet since Samsung unveiled its own 13-inch slate with Samsung Galaxy Note Pro 12.2. Other features for inclusion in iPad Pro are Apple A8 64 bit CPU paired with 2 GB RAM and up to 128 GB internal storage.

iPad Pro is also speculated to resemble a Microsoft Surface as the tablet will pack a keyboard accessory. This is also a great possibility as iPad Pro was speculated to replace the MacBook Air line. To replace the lighter laptop, it is expected the new tablet will run with OS X operating system used in computers. Also, the rumored eye-tracking feature will be included in the next Apple tablet.

An Apple patent spotted by Apple Insider suggested future Apple devices, including the rumored iPad Pro, will pack pressure-sensitive bezels. This will allow the company to include pressure sensors on the bezel that may eliminate the physical home button and be replaced by capacitive or virtual buttons.

Meanwhile, other reports claimed iPad Pro will come in two variants packing different resolutions. Both models will pack 12.9-inch screen size but will come with varying screen resolutions: 2K and 4K display. But Apple has not disclosed any details yet.

Also, reports noted the two models will have separate release dates. The tablet with 2K display will be launched in May, while the 4K variant will arrive in October. This was backed up by a report from DigiTimes, saying the device will be released in October. The publication added Apple is expected to receive shipments from 80 to 90 million units from a Taiwanese supplier.

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