iPad Pro Release Date in Fall 2014 as Hybrid Notebook-Tablet, Says Analyst

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Expect iPad Pro release date in autumn this year as a hybrid device, according to an analyst.

Evercore Partners analyst Patrick Wang predicted that the rumoured iPad Pro will arrive later this fall and that the device is a hybrid of a notebook and tablet. He added that the 12.2-inch hybrid iPad could make changes in the laptop/tablet market.

In his note to investors, Mr Wang also predicted on some of the possible specs and features that iPad Pro will bring. He thinks that the iPad Pro will pack the next-generation Apple A8 processor inside and will run with both the latest iOS and Mac OS X operating systems.

Mr Wang added that changing the name of iPad to iPad Air is Apple's way of setting the stage in bringing in new devices. Moreover, this signals the company's plans to upgrade the iPad line. The new device could be targeting the business sector, where the device could be popular among business professionals.

Rumours suggest that the iPad Pro will replace the company's MacBook Air, as a 13-inch tablet hybrid is close to, if not above, the 12-inch notebook. Reports claimed that the upcoming iPad Pro will come with a detachable flip keyboard that can transform the device into a light laptop.

The iPad Pro could be part of Apple's "Big Plans" for 2014. Microsoft has been trying to dominate the hybrid PC/tablet market, but has had little success with its devices bearing the Windows 8 platform.

Meanwhile, the grapevine claimed that the iPad Pro will pack a screen panel with 4K resolution and will let go of the usual Retina screen display. A higher resolution is a must for a massive screen. These rumours must be treated with a grain of salt until Apple officially confirms that the device is indeed on its way.

However, there were also reports that Apple is currently testing 2K and 4K displays and suggested that the iPad Pro will come in two variants with varying screens. Some reports stated that an iPad Pro with 2K display will be launched in May, while an iPad Pro with 4K screen resolution will arrive in October.

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