iPad Pro Features to Include New Controls, Hints Patent

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iPad Pro features may include new controls, according to a new Apple patent.

The latest Apple patent picked up by Apple Insider suggested that future Apple devices, including the iPad Pro will pack pressure-sensitive bezels. This indicated that Apple can now insert pressure sensors on the device's bezels or casing.

The patent filing is entitled 'Gesture and touch input detection through force sensing', also notes that current touchscreen devices are insufficient when it comes recognising the detection of certain multi-touch gestures.

This may also yield to the removal of the home button as well as the volume buttons on the side of the device. Surprisingly, the photo in the patent resembles an iPad. Users may now control an iPad game by tapping the device's bezel rather than its touchscreen. This will avoid possible damage on the display, especially when kids are using it.

Another feature that iPad Pro will most likely have is the next generation of A8 processor that could have the same 64-bit architecture or may have an octa-core configuration. DigiTimes reported that Amkor Technology, STATS ChipPac and Advanced Semiconductor Engineering are reported to work hand-in-hand for the supply of the chipset. Production of these A8 chips is said to ramp up its production in the second quarter of this year.

Meanwhile, other rumours claimed that Apple's 12.9-inch tablet will feature a screen panel with 4K resolution and not with the usual Retina screen display, which is appropriate for a very large screen. However, there were also reports that Apple is currently testing 2K and 4K displays and suggested that the iPad Pro will come in two variants with varying screens. However, Apple has not trickled any details yet.

Some reports stated that an iPad Pro with 2K display will be launched in May, while the iPad Pro with 4K screen resolution will arrive in October. This is supported by a report from DigiTimes, which speculated the ETA of the device to be in October. The report added that Apple is expected to receive shipments of 80 to 90 million units from a Taiwan-based supplier.

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