iPad Pro Concept Image Sports Two 64-bit A7 Chips

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The latest iPad Pro concept image showed off a two 64-bit A7 processors that make the device a high speed star.

The new iPad Pro render was created by Ramotion, a company based in Palo Alto, California near Apple. According to Concept Phones, the iPad Pro is a hybrid of Apple's well-like MacBook Pro and iPad Air. The tablet measures 11.8 inches in height, 7.9 inches in width and 7.7 mm in depth. It weighs 597 grams and features a crisp 12.9 inch display with a 4096 x 3072 pixel resolution. The 4K display was apt for a huge screen panel.

Under the hood, the tablet hybrid packed a two 64-bit A7 chipset. Also, eye tracking and gesture control was packed in the handset as well as 4 powerful speakers at the corners of the Pro Apple tablet, for an improved surround sound.

The 12.9 inch iPad has an 8 MP camera embedded inside the Apple logo paired with 3 FaceTime Full HD cameras, one at the front top and two on the sides upfront. These will enable users to have 3D video calls in various angles.

Lastly, the tablet UI is also different from standard UI. Users are allowed multitasking where two apps can be used at the same time by splitting the screen in two. Accessories are now more durable and the device gets smart charging with a magnetic touch charger and LED indication of said charge.

Apple has not revealed the official specs of iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro. iPad Air 2 may follow the same specs and features of its predecessor with slight improvements here and there. iPad Pro, on the other hand, will come in two variants packing different resolutions.

Both models will pack 12.9-inch screen panel but will come with different screen resolutions - 2K and 4K display, respectively. Moreover, the tablet's bezels may be hyper-sensitive as an Apple patent suggested that iPad Pro will pack pressure sensors on bezels that may replace the physical home button.

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