iPad Pro 2014 Will Go for a 12.9-inch Frame, TouchScreen MacBook/iPad Hybrid, Images Leaked

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Apple has been making headlines especially for its upcoming iPhone 6. Nonetheless, the tech giant is also slated to release a number of refreshed lines like the iPad Air and possibly the iPad Pro. As the name implies, recent information says that Apple is working on an iPad and MacBook hybrid. Will Apple push through with its hybrid venture? Will the iPad 5 be the same as the iPad Pro or will they be different offerings? How large with the iPad Pro go? The following sections round up the latest information on these. 

According to recent reports, Apple has been working on a 12.9-inch iPad. The device will be called the iPad Pro to signify the combined capacities of the MacBook and iPad series. The bigger iPad will compete with already released Android tablets like the Archos 116 (11.6 inches) and the Toshiba Excite 13 (12 inches). Samsung has two 12.2-inch slates as well. 

Analysts believe Apple wants to release a similar product to catch up to competition. However, there are some analysts who are reluctant about this move. Large tablets are not as popular as their more compact counterparts. It does not seem a good investment for some for Apple to try. 

Then again, Apple is known for going against the tide and popularizing devices. The iPad Pro may change the game for slates altogether. 

Additionally, if prediction from analysts will come true then the iPad Pro may be going against laptop-tablet hyrids. Some of these include Microsoft's Surface Pro and Acer Aspire V5 Touch. These hybrids are also popular for the detachable keyboard configuration. According to recent information, the following months and years will see more laptops shipping with touch screens. According to an ultrabook specification from Intel, touch screen has become a requirement. 

Apple took the market by surprise when it decided to refer to its fifth generation iPad as the iPad Air. It made more sense than being called an iPad 5 because it slashed its weight and thickness. It became more like the MacBook Air. If the iPad Air came true, analysts do not see it as surprise for the iPad Pro to materialize. 

For the leaked images, MacWorld provides a rundown of these. 

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