iPad Mini: Weaknesses Compared to Other Apple Gadgets

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Since the launch of Apple's iPad Mini in 34 countries, combined sales of the device and the iPad fourth generation averaged 1 million units daily in the past three days.

The impressive sales does not surprise industry observers because Apple is known for high-range technology used on its devices like iPhone, iPod, iPad and Mac computers. Its iOS is a distinct version of operating system compared to Windows and Android OS.

The iPhone has evolved to ease up mobile needs from basic phone functions to special AI like Siri. iPod is a multimedia device more or less similar to iPhones except its lack of mobile network. It can play audio or videos and access games available in the AppStore. Mac computers have their own way of describing computing and is used widely in graphic arts.

iPad is a generate of tablet computers from Apple Inc. A larger device that iPhone or iPod, the 10-inch gadget can show more with its Retina display, has fast responses to touch, long life battery, and a lot of application for user's fun and needs.

The iPad mini does have many advantage compared to other Apple devices. These advantages includes long battery life just like its larger version, the latest iOS 6 which means latest application and features available, powerful dual core processor for fast gaming and application loading, LED-backlit IPS TFT which has good contrast, excellent viewing angles, excellent sunlight legibility, and good colour rendition. Additionally, iPad mini has 5MP autofocus primary camera and 1.2MP with Facetime secondary camera.

But iPad mini has noticeable disadvantages compared to other similar devices over all these features offered upon its debut.

The Display

The iPad and iPhone have remarkable screen display with their latest versions, Full High Definition display, which means higher pixel resolution and quality. Images aren't ruined during zooming and panning. But the iPad Mini does have a weakness in this one, it didn't match with the latest iPad and iPhone. Another one is the Retina display which iPad mini isn't featured for, unlike the iPhone 4/4s/5, iPod Touch 4th/5th generation, iPad 3rd/4th generation, Macbook Pro 13" and 15" are all with Retina display.


Since it is new in the market, applications that are optimised for iPad and iPhone are not yet available in the iPad mini, at least most of the applications. Soon these applications will be available but for now it is limited.

Virtual Memory

RAM or Random Access Memory is needed for applications. The higher the RAM, the more applications it can handle without suspending just some to make up for the rest. Low RAM can cause the device to lag or slow down not only in applications but also in loading simple programs or display of browser contents. iPad mini has 512MB of RAM while other Apple gadgets such as the iPhone 5 has 1GB and iPad 4 has 2GB, iPad mini looks underpowered.


The CPU or Central Processing Unit literally does all the job to process applications and programs, mobile functions, and basically everything around the device. The RAM throws the request and the CPU does the execution. The iPad mini has dual core 1GHz processor but the iPhone has dual core 1.2GHz processor. Though a small difference and not noticeable in performance, why didn't Apple made it at least iPhone CPU rate?


The latest Apple devices have Oleophobic coating which repels fingerprint oil, leaving the screen free of the user's fingerprint smudges. The iPad mini has the same feature but iPad has more. Aside from the fingerprint proofing, the iPad has scratch-resistant screens which makes iPad mini more vulnerable to screen damage.


Apple devices are expensive because of the exclusive technology and premium materials used in every single unit. But iPad mini doesn't equalise the price to benefits issue. The iPad mini can cost up to $659 with 64GB storage, Wi-Fi, and cellular functions. iPhone 5 can cost $399 minimum with 64GB and network open. The iPad 4 can cost up to $829 with 64GB, Wi-Fi, and cellular functions.

However, despite these shortcomings, Apple loyal followers continue to snap up the iPad mini. Due to the higher demand compared to existing supply, Apple limits to two units per customer sales of the iPad mini for orders placed on the company's online stores and in Apple outlets.

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