iPad Mini Issues: Problems that Should be Fixed in the iPad Mini 2


Rumours of an April release date for the iPad Mini 2 have been surfacing, and those who may have had the iPad Mini just for a while now - its debut release was just last November 2012 - may be a bit disappointed that they weren't able to hold out a little longer.

It doesn't help that the iPad Mini has issues of its own, which hopefully won't be reflected in the iPad Mini 2.

Screen resolution

Probably the biggest concern and letdown was the lack of a "Retina" high-resolution screen on the iPad mini. According to NBC News, the resolution was compared to most of the competition and it was found to fall behind some of the more fierce competition.

What's more, the report made by DisplayMate showed that the range of color is less and screen reflectance is higher compared to Nexus, meaning the iPad Mini is less visible in bright lighting.

It's an iPad 2 downsized

Considering the fast pace of developments in electronics - and Apple prides itself as being one who is top - notch in the competition, it's a wonder that the iPad Mini still has the Apple A5 1.0 GHz, which is the same as what is in the iPad 2, reports Macgasm.net.

This can be a serious issue for those who need their gadgets to be in sync with new developments. After all, if Apple releases new features for its more recent products, just how long will it take for them to release these same features that are compatible with old-gen models?

There hasn't been any definite word on what processor the iPad Mini 2 will have, but T3 reports that it may be upgraded to the A6X 1.4 GHz dual-core, which is in the iPad 4.

Wi-Fi issues

One of the earlier problems that people encountered with the iPad Mini 2 is the intermittent Wi-Fi connection-somehow whatever connection you get just drops off.

TabletCrunch reports that there four simple ways to fix this issue. You can renew the IP address on the device, especially if you are in a public place that makes use of shared Wi-Fi connection. Users can also choose the WPA or WPA2 as a security tool, instead of the WEP.

The fastest way to try troubleshooting is to reset network settings, to get rid of all the cache information. Lastly, if nothing works, it may be an issue with your Wi-Fi router, which may be in need of an update itself.

Digital Trends also reports that Apple had already released an iOS 6.0.3 update that would fix theWi-fi issue, which can now be downloaded through iTunes or over-the-air.

Older-gen camera?

Admittedly, it has been around four months since the iPad Mini was released. And some of its features, like the camera, may pale in comparison to newer Apple devices, like the iPhone 5.

The current iPad Mini features a 5-megpixel iSight camera, which, compared to the iPhone 's 8-megapixel one, suddenly seems like a lesser deal. While the iPad Mini 2's specs are not yet out, hopefully, it will have the same, if not better, camera specs as the iPhone 5.

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