iPad Mini 3 With TouchID Fingerprint Sensor And iPhone 6 With 5.5-inch Display

  on June 24 2014 4:43 PM

Consumers are eagerly waiting for the launch of Apple's two new exciting product - iPhone 6 and iWatch.

The company has already started working on its tablet product line and rumoured to get them released any time soon. MacRumours reported the new published picture of iPhone 6 placed on top of the next generation iPad mini and the next generation iPad Air at Taiwanese Web site, Apple.club.tw.

Although the picture does not direct toward any feature of iPad mini, it seems to have the TouchID fingerprint scanning system which was first introduced in iPhone 5s.  

By including the TouchID fingerprint scanning system on all its major devices, iPad Air, iPad Mini and iPhone 6, Apple wants to become the most powerful in the world of mobile payments. It also reported along with iPad mini, iPad Air also plans to release in the fall this year.

Also, Apple is directing the TouchID system to update and improve the iTunes Store as it has more than 800 million accounts and most of them have registered credit cards.

BGR reported iPhone 6 is finally competent enough to fight against Android device makers that sell oversized smartphones and phablets. Apple is expected to unveil two versions of iPhone 6 - 4.7-inch model and 5.5-inch model.

Sonny Dickson, an insider, shared images with 9to5Mac showing the most important feature of the bigger version of the iPhone 6 model, the 5.5-inch display screen. It is measured with a ruler indicating the phone measures 14 cm diagonally and 5.5-inch.

Although there are no specific designs leaked, but when the 4.7-inch iPhone 6 dummy units revealed its design details, it is seen to have a similar design concept on the 5.5-inch model.

BGR noted the new iPhones are slimmer than the existing ones with some changes like it will be more of iPod touch like design. There could be changes in terms of redesigned volume buttons, rounded edges and corners, new antennas, new camera flash and relocation of the power button. iPhone 6 might also get launched in the fall this year.

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