iPad Mini 3 And iPad Air 2 Found in iOS 7.1 Code?

By @binibiningkd on

iPhone 6 has been heavily rumored along with the next-generation iPads, which could be iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2.

Today, new reports on this upcoming iPads emerged with the possibility of release soon. Apple recently released iOs 7.1, its latest mobile operating system. This update, which is the new build for iPhone 4 and above, iPod touch devices and iPad 2 and above, comes with some bug fixes, visual enhancements and several new features like CarPlay support.

According to 9to5Mac, the iOS 7.1 comes with references to two unannounced iPad models, which could be iPad Mini 3 and iPad Air 2 to be launched sometime in the future.

As seen in a screenshot, iOS 7.1 supports iPads 4, 3 and iPads 4,6 and notably both devices do not exist as of the moment. As such, 9to5Mac believed the two iPads might be minor updates that the Cupertino tech giant plans to roll out in the near future. If accurate, this move could be likely as Apple has done something similar in the past with its previous devices.

Also, the report claimed iPads 4,1 and the iPads 4,2 are the current models of Apple iPad Air models and the iPads 4,4 and iPads 4,5 are Retina iPad Mini tablets hence the possibility of additional devices on each line is entirely possible in the future.

Apple silently updated its devices with some improvements and some efficient components. In the past, these updates were rarely announced and had minor effects on customers.

Another possibility that the two unannounced iPad models imply is that these are devices are optimized for overseas networks.

There were unofficial rumors that must be taken with a grain of salt as nothing is made official by the Cupertino tech giant yet.

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