iPad Mini 2 vs iPad Mini: Rumored Improvements, Unveiling Before Mid-2013?

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iPad mini 2 may be unveiled by mid-2013, according to sleuthing analysts. Here's a summary of some persistent rumours. Imagine the improvements that Apple users expect perhaps some time soon.

iPad mini 2 to be unveiled too soon?

Early iPad mini adopters bought their 7.9-inch Apple tablet less than three months ago. Now analysts are saying the iPad mini 2 will come out either in May or June. A couple of reasons are at play here. One of those reasons is the goal to have a more solid standing against the competition. (Lucky are the children or loved ones who take hand-me-down gadgets from their tech-savvy parents, family, or friends.)

iPad mini 2 unveiling: March or June, according to two analysts

Topeka Capital Markets analyst Brian White shared with tech writers what his industry sources have informed him. Tech Radar gathered after CES (Consumer Electronics Show) 2013 last week that the fifth-generation iPad and the second-generation iPad mini are set to arrive in March.

Meanwhile, macworld.com.au reported Jefferies analyst Peter Misek said a month ago a new iPad mini could be unveiled in June. Apple iOS users can only wait for updates, particularly on release date and specs. (Some iPad mini owners are probably taking good care of their device should they be compelled to sell it by year-end.)

iPad mini 2 vs iPad mini: What improvements to expect (or wish)?

iPad mini 2 is expected to carry the same form and exterior. Its screen display in particular is expected to improve. It could also come with a more robust and faster chip.

White made no mention of any odds that iPad mini 2 would sport a Retina display. But there have been reports that Apple has been testing the technology for the next iPad mini.

iPad mini 2 will be available in more colours, too, according to rumours. Gadget shoppers will reportedly be able to choose from six to eight colours.

iPad mini 2 could also feature Sharp's thin-but-tough IGZO technology according to DigiTimes and Apple analyst Horace Dediu. With IGZO, the regular iPad can boast of a minimum 330 pixels per inch (ppi) in pixel density, The Diplomat reported. In contrast, iPad 4 displays only 264 ppi, and the iPad mini, 163 ppi.

Would Apple risk controversy by unveiling a product upgrade in only half a year's time? Tune in.

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