iPad Mini 2 Release Date, Top 5 'Deal Sealers' ( Rumoured Specs)

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iPad mini 2 release date is rumoured to be scheduled in October, in time for the release of iPad 5. Other rumours indicated a mid-year unveiling, but so far the 2013 last quarter release is one of the most persistent tittle-tattle. It coincides around the time of the small tablet's first anniversary in the market.

iPad mini 2 will reportedly be a lot better than its predecessor.  Such reports suggest Apple has been considering its customers' feedback and wish lists. For instance, the iPad mini 2 screen will reportedly display a resolution of 2048 x 1536 pixels. This directly responds to a common criticism noting the iPad mini screen resolution was a deal breaker for many potential buyers.

Here are the Top 5 "deal sealers" for those who have skipped the iPad mini for Apple's better small tablet.

iPad Mini 2 Deal Sealers (Specs Rumours)

Here's the iPad mini in Apple's tablet roster. (Image: Apple)

Battery life. iPad mini 2 logs over 12 hours with WiFi active in many reviews. To a casual user, this means only a couple of times recharging in a week's time.

Convenient portability. The first generation iPad mini measures only 7.2 mm thin. If the iPad mini 2 could boast of an improved screen display and manage to stay thin, there will a lot of thumbs up around.

Lightweight reading device. At 308 grams, the WiFi only iPad mini was a delight to hold for those who have suffered from wrist strain because of heavier reading gadgets. The screen display should be improved without (much) sacrificing this light weight.

High resolution viewing and browsing. The iPad mini screen display was a deal breaker for many at only 163 pixels per inch. But the rumoured pixel density of 324 ppi could easily seal the deal for the successor - if it proves accurate. In contrast, the iPhone 5 displays 326 ppi of visual attraction.

Reasonable price.  Many prospective buyers were also turned off by the iPad mini price tag, which starts at $329 for the WiFi only device. (This much for no Retina Display?) If the iPad mini 2 price will not sound too crazy for the buyers, then the new babies could leave the store shelves quickly.

Three days since the Nov. 2 iPad mini release, Apple CEO Tim Cook told the media the company "practically sold out of iPad minis." The 2013 sales story could show the same thing.

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