iPad Mini 2 Release Date: Holiday Shopping Tips -- If You Can Wait! [PHOTOS]


The iPad mini 2 release date is hoped to be sooner, but expected to be later in the year. At least this is the gist of the rumour mill action across the web. This neat Apple device, expected to sport Retina display, could hit the stores around Thanksgiving in the U.S. Are you prepping your wallet for some holiday shopping? Here are some tips.

The first edition iPad mini was released to a long queue of Apple fans in November last year. Selling millions of units in a couple of days, the device made headlines in social conversations. History repeats itself, they say. What could change now is whether you can be better prepared for the new mini release.

Some analysts are saying that manufacturing and general sales strategy are affecting the iPad mini 2 release date. There are reportedly some issues with the crisper and sharper screen display parts, but the small iPad should be released sooner. But the iPad 5 will reportedly be released ahead of the mini 2, says another rumour block. Apple could swing either way, so shoppers be ready - especially if you're currently broken.

iPad Mini 2 Release Date: Holiday Shopping Tips

There is no better time to think of what can you do with your money that when you don't have any. Suppose the iPad mini 2 release date falls in the holiday, or late October at the earliest, here are some saving tips for the cash-strapped shopper:

1. Save now. If you want an Apple iPad mini 2, go easy on spending your bucks on unnecessary things.

2. Live with self-love in mind. Consider the shiny light mini as your holiday gift to your beloved self. So you won't be caught without funds when it finally arrives.

3. Don't settle. If you want the iPad mini 2, stick to your heart's desire. Sure the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 seems to make sense. But a loyal Apple fan sees beauty only in an iDevice. If you caved and changed your mind again, you'd wind up spending more just because you couldn't wait.

4. Distract the itchy shopper in your core. Whatever a small device can bring to your life, there's a huge part of it that your smartphone can do. So spend more time with the phone while waiting.

5. Keep yourself updated with iPad mini 2 rumours. This way, you won't miss surprise announcements. You can choose to stay away from the talks so as not to go mad in anticipation. Or you can continue reading blogs, mini reviews, and mini 2 rumoured specs to better understand the situation. Is this really the gadget you'd be saving for this year?

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