iPad Mini 2 Release Date Consistent: 5 Reasons to Wait for the Next-Gen 8-in iOS Tablet

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iPad mini 2 release date rumours have consistently pointed to the third quarter of this year. Many gadget shoppers could hardly wait. Three to six more months of waiting could try your patience. Samsung has already announced the Android 8-in tablet Galaxy Note 8. If you're still waiting for the next gen Apple mini, you probably want the iOS environment better. Either that or you're simply an Apple fan.

The Apple iPad mini was introduced less than five months ago. But it lacked certain features that prompted many users to wait for the next-generation device. Here are five of the reasons why many gadget shopping enthusiasts are more interested in iPad mini 2 updates than other devices.

Apple iPad Mini 2? 5 Reasons some gadgeteers would patiently wait for the iPad mini 2

1. iOS Environment. The iPad mini is only a secondary device for some users. Some of those who have full-sized tablets or "family-shared devices" running iOS are not keen on going Android. If they want a new small tablet, they'd get it only from Apple for smoother device communications.

2. Retina mindset. Some of those who deliberately skipped the iPad mini over its lack of Retina display have set their mind on the iPad mini 2, regardless of when the device will be released. Some bloggers blame Apple for getting their eyes used to only Retina.

3. Budget. Not everyone can get the latest gadget, especially an Apple device, on a whim. Many tech shoppers have decided they would get a device sometime this year. But they won't spend their hard-earned money on the current iPad mini if the upgrade is coming up soon.

4. Pre-release rumours. Apple fans are usually criticized for consistently promoting the Cupertino-based firm as if no other device can match its products. Their blogs and social media updates convince first-time or confused buyers to try the iPad mini 2 once it becomes available.

5. iOS vs Android vs Windows preference. Some users are more particular with the kind of operating system they want for their device. Those who have tried 2 or more OS versions know very well which OS works best for them.

Shopping for a small tablet? You can look into the Google Nexus 7, Samsung Galaxy Tab, or even try some phablets (phones at least 5-inch in diagonal screen size). If you're a first-time buyer, the iPad mini 2 is not the only small tablet that's coming out this year. But if you've already decided on the mini, let the rumours and forum posts tide you over. It will take a couple more months.


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