iPad Mini 2 Release Date in April? 5 Reasons Your Old Mini May Not Need a 2013 Upgrade

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Apple iPad mini 2 could be released as soon as April this year, according to some analysts. April 2013 seems to be too soon for a next-generation mini upgrade, but many users are all too ready to shop, anyway. Do you have to be an early adopter?

Here are five of the reasons why you could just keep your Apple iPad mini and skip an upgrade this year. To begin with, iPad mini 2 is for unhappy users of the first generation mini. What makes you unhappy with your current small tablet?

Apple iPad Mini 2? 5 Reasons you'd probably want to keep your iPad mini for at least a year

1. Lack of Retina technology in screen display. Some users vow they are not bothered by the relatively less stunning screen display of the iPad mini. If you use your tablet mainly for browsing the web and staying connected via social media, you don't really need the Retina or Sharp IGZO technology for that.

2. Lightly Used iPad Mini. If you're a light tablet user, you've probably not been unleashing your mini's full potential. You probably have other devices for various online media entertainment, it is simply not practical to dive into an upgrade less than (or a little over) a year with your

3. Fine speed and brainwork. If you are not encountering speed or operation issues, it means a more powerful processor or memory is not necessarily in order. (If it's storage issues you're worried about, then you'd probably want to look outside Apple, which is not a fan of external storage for its devices.)

4. Value for money. The iPad mini costs around $329 for the WiFi only version, more costly for the 4G/LTE variants. You are not going to get your money's worth by selling it for a low price to get a newer device. (It's a different story if you'll just give your old mini to a loved one, anyway.)

5. eBook reading experience. Some user reviews point out no problems in using the iPad mini mainly for eBook reading. The eye-friendly screen, they say, is still better compared to the competition. This may be a user preference territory. But when in doubt, you probably can do without.

Shopping for a new tablet, smartphone or gadgets can be a decadent habit. All the rave reviews, speculations and rumours can be confusing, too. But if your iPad mini is still in perfect condition now, why would you stress yourself about waiting for the iPad mini 2 release?

That said, the speculation that the iPad mini 2 could be released in April should be taken just as exactly that - a speculation. For now, relax those wallets and credit cards.


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