iPad Mini 2 Release Date: Apple’s Purchase of Display Components Points to Retina Display, Earlier 2013 Release

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Production of the iPad Mini 2 with Retina display technology is currently underway, a new report claims, pointing to a supply chain movement that saw Apple allegedly ordering display panels with 2048 x 1536 resolution for a 7.9 screen tablet.

The report from BrightWire clearly alludes to the second generation iPad Mini, which analysts said will be pushed out to global markets anytime starting July this year.

However, the new development now suggest that Apple could advance the iPad Mini 2 release, a prospect that some analysts said could take place as early as March 2013 or barely six months after the first edition was rolled out.

The argument is Apple would want a quick follow through on the success of its smaller tablet, which the tech giant said was responsible for collecting 23 million of total sales in Q4 2013 alone.

The fast upgrade cycle should also address growing Apple shareholders' rambling that shares value of the company is fast-declining due to increasing competition on smartphone and tablet fronts, in which the tech titan was virtually unchallenged in previous quarters.

Still, Apple's planned product launches this year remain shrouded in mystery as the same report noted that the firm's panel order specifics pointed to an iPad Mini that will flash a screen pixel density of 400ppi.

This contradicts earlier speculations that the Mini will have an already jaw-dropping display resolution of 326ppi, the best among its class.

Citing its source, a South Korean online news site, BrightWire explained the discrepancy by offering that Apple intends to use the 400ppi panel on the high-speculated iPhone 6, which reports said will sport a 4.8-inch screen size.

However, analysts are convinced that if indeed Apple is mulling an iPhone 6 release it won't happen until Q1 2014 as the panel component of the oversized smartphone is yet to be finalised.

So if ordering the panel this early is premature and unwise on Apple's part, could it be that Apple is pulling off a welcome surprise by issuing two iPad Mini 2 versions?

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