iPad Mini 2 Release Date Ahead of Small iPad Anniversary, See 'Leaked' Factory Images [PHOTOS]


iPad Mini 2 release date could fall within October 2013, as persistently rumoured. Recently leaked images suggest Apple is working towards meeting an anniversary release of the next iPad. Sleuthing Apple enthusiasts have spotted what could be factory images of the new small tablet. It seems iPad mini 2 will be a bit thicker than its predecessor. Check out what the curious gadgeteers have found.

iPad mini 2 Gains Extra Pounds for Retina Display?

The supposedly leaked photos of iPad mini 2 rear shell were spotted at a Chinese forum called WeiPhone. Observers noted the device is a bit thicker than iPad mini and the chassis sports curved or round corners. The shell color also seems to indicate the next mini could come in a variety of colours. Would you bet your money this is the new iPad mini? Some people doubt whether the photos are legit.

Tech bloggers and news sites explain an iPad mini weight gain should not be surprising. Retina display will reportedly figure in the 2013 small tablet from Apple, so the small iPad would need a bigger battery, bigger shell.

iPad mini 2: No more IGZO technology for display?

So what happens now to the Sharp IGZO technology that was supposed to maintain the slim casing of the iPad mini? Some Apple sleuths say the technology was not going to be ready in time for Apple's iPad mini 2 release date. The whole IGZO plan may have been dropped over feasibility issues, or it was just a part of some users wish list that Apple never really considered.

Taiwan media on Friday claimed manufacturing firm AU Optronics has started its mass production of 2048x1536 324ppi Retina screens for iPad mini 2. To interested iPad mini buyers, this could mean a price drop soon for the original iPad mini. So skip the Retina for a cheaper mini? (We'll know once the original mini price actually drops.)

iPad mini 2 Price increase to be passed on to consumers?

iPad mini 2 shoppers might have to start saving up now or planning their budget ahead of time. Digitimes recently reported production cost for the iPad mini 2 is over $200, as opposed to the $188 estimated price for the original mini. If this report proves true, not only will the iPad mini be fatter, it could also shrink a fat wallet.

'Start' the slideshow to see the allegedly leaked photos of the iPad mini 2.

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