iPad Mini 2 Release Date: 5 Items Gadget Shoppers are Looking for

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iPad mini 2 release date updates is one of the most important topics to many gadget shoppers in 2013. Some of them rejected the original mini over issues on specs. Some of them have just recently realised smaller is better in tablets. So when could they get the next small tablet from Apple? But the more important question is, what kind of specs will be served to them this time?

Rumours are now pointing to a May 2013 iPad mini 2 release date. This is because April is drawing to a close, yet no iPad 5 announcements are being sniffed anywhere at the moment. Earlier rumours suggested an April release date for the iPad 5, and the mini 2 announcement will come a little later. Now these Apple rumours tend to be somewhat spot-on in some parts, but not this time.

Meantime, many tablet shoppers are making good use of the time they have. They are thinking about the specs they want to see on the next Apple iPad mini. Here is a sampling of iPad mini 2 wish list based on social network and forum site entries:

Lightweight and portable. The iPad mini is the lightest and slimmest small tablet today. It fits comfortably to the user's grip. It does not cause hassle during trips and packing of gadgets. Conference attendees find it so easy to use it during big events, where calendars and notes are needed. Will the new mini pack the same easy-to-carry around feature?

Robust system and memory. Some heavy tablet users say they couldn't rely on the current iPad mini for serious multi-tasking and gaming activities. The Apple A5 system-on-a-chip packs a dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 MPCore CPU with a 512 MB of DDR2 RAM clocked at 533 MHz. It was good enough for the iPhone 4S, but not as much for a 7.9-inch device.

iOS 7. Apple users are anticipating the launch of a new OS. An improved OS on iPad mini 2 will thrill even more tech shoppers. Forum sites have been peppered with requests for a faster access to WiFi settings, battery/power management and some new tricks and style in the user interface.

Retina display. We've read many blog entries that discuss disappointment on the original mini's non-Retina display screen. Retina-spoiled users simply couldn't afford to tone down their visual indulgence. Either they get a mini with Retina display, or not at all.

Reasonable pricing. The iPad mini pricing starts at $329 for the 16GB WiFi only device. Without Retina display and with such a limited storage, many gadget shoppers thought the first mini was not a practical choice. Rumours say Apple is eyeing a higher price tag for iPad mini 2 to cover display screen improvement costs. Apple shoppers typically have healthy wallets. But they, too, need excellent reasons to shop before any cash is spent away.

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