iPad Mini 2 or Nexus 7: Wait for the next small Apple tablet or get a 7-inch Google today?

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The iPad mini 2 release date will be "sometime soon" according to rumours among tech bloggers and sleuthing gadget watchers. If you're a new 7-inch tablet shopper or considering switching from a big tablet to a smaller device, must you wait for the next iPad mini or get Google Nexus 7 now?

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An Apple user (most if not all of gadgets are from Apple) will be better off waiting for the improved iPad mini 2. Or else they might get the itch to upgrade after only a couple of months. But those who are open to using an Android tablet might want to take a closer look to the Asus-manufactured Nexus 7.

iPad Mini 2 or Nexus 7: Which one is the better 7-inch tablet?

Many reviewers consider the iPad mini and Nexus 7 to be two of the best small tablets available today. Nexus 7 often tops reviews for the best 7-inch Android tablets. Some Apple users gave away their heavier iPad for a lighter 308 g to 312 g iPad mini. Meanwhile, some critics are saying Nexus 7 gives more value for its price. This brings up the question, which is more important to you: perks or real value?

According to CNET, "Nexus 7 represents the best that Android has to offer at a very attractive price. The iPad Mini is more expensive, but offers a larger if lower-resolution screen, better apps support, faster performance, and longer battery life. The iPad is overall the better performer, but the Nexus 7 edges past it in value."

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iPad Mini 2 or Nexus 7: Which factors are important for you?

iPad mini starts at a $329 price tag, which is pretty exorbitant compared to $199 for Nexus 7. iPad mini 2 is likely to sport the same screen size, 7.9-inch, slightly bigger than the 7-inch display of Nexus 7. However, in terms of pixel density, Nexus 7 edges out by a couple of pixels per inch. It's 163 vs 216, in favor of Nexus 7.

iPad mini 2 is expected to change the game when it comes out with Apple's Retina display. Browsing photos and watching videos are better with a device with higher resolution.

In terms of weight, Nexus 7 is a bit heavy at 340 g. Reading e-books with only one hand holding the device seem easier with iPad mini 2.

Light tablet users who will not run several apps at once will not be annoyed by a gap in smooth performance. If you would only be browsing the internet and read e-books, the practical choice is Nexus 7. If you are willing to spend more dollars, wait for iPad mini 2 specs reviews. The iPad mini is too expensive for what it offers now.

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