iPad Air 2 Release Date Likely in Sync with iPhone 6: 5 Important Things to Know

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A man looks at his Apple iPad in front an Apple logo outside an Apple store in downtown Shanghai
A man looks at his Apple iPad in front an Apple logo outside an Apple store in downtown Shanghai March 16, 2012. REUTERS/Aly Song

There is a big chance that Apple will opt for a simultaneous release date of the iPhone 6 and the second-generation iPad Air as new report hints of same-day announcement for the two iOS 8-powered devices.

A new note from Ming-chi Kuo of KGI Securities seems to entertain the likelihood of Apple fans getting a glimpse of the iPad Air 2 on September 9, which has been previously confirmed as the day next week that Apple will unpack the next iPhone.

According to Apple Insider, Kuo's magic ball, which has been fairly accurate on its previous predictions, points to preview of the iPad Air sequel. If true, Apple would deviate from usual release calendar that saw the fifth 9.7-inch iPad showing off its specs and features in October 2013.

As expected, speculations of an earlier rollout time for the Air refresh this 2014 immediately heat up though the KGI report skipped on sharing details on that aspect.

Kuo, however, unloaded five possibilities that iPad fans can debate about until the device becomes a reality, which likely is but a few months away.

No iPad Mini 3?

The well-known Apple watcher is actually flip-flopping on this subject. In an earlier note this year, Kuo said that he is pessimistic on seeing a third build of the iPad Mini this year as according to him Apple would want to focus on the second iPad Air.

Then in a follow up report he revised his projection, saying that a Mini 3 might just surface after all. Fast-forward this week, Kuo again altered his readings - edition number three of the iPad Mini may not arrive, at least for 2014.

Minor upgrade

Design-wise, the iPad Air 2 is not a very exciting jump from the 2013 version, meaning the look and build of the slate will mostly adhere to the design language that was used last year.

It should be noted, however, that a DigiTimes report that came out this week had alluded to a slight medication on the iPad Air build that will render the device thinner than before.

Notable specification bump ups

In asserting that the iPad Mini 3 will be a no-show, Kuo stated that "only iPad Air 2 will see significant spec upgrades." The analyst mentioned a beefier processor for the device, which likely is the A8 CPU and the inclusion of the Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

Fresh features

New features will also unbox with the iPad Air 2 - an anti-reflective screen coating and a gold shell among them.


As mentioned above, the iPad Air 2 intro will be earlier than usual this year, which is a scenario that could pave the way for an advanced 2014 release date. Going by Kuo's projection, the best bet would be late October or just a few week following the iPhone 6 commercial early in the month or late September.

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