iPad Air 2 Fall Release to be ‘Game Changer” Featuring Game Console, TV and 4K Ultra-High Def Support

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Apple's well received iPad Air will soon have a following through the iPad Air 2. According to analysts, the upcoming slate will be a game changer as it promises to run on the improved A8 processor with better graphics performance. More importantly, the slate will reportedly come with a 4K resolution, TV and game console support. Will the iPad Air 2 be a killer? 

Apple surprised the market when it released the iPad Air. The tablet combines the portability and functionality of Apple's MacBook Air and iPad series. Considered as one of the best tablets around especially with the A7 included, analysts believe Apple can deliver another killer device if will push through with the predicted specs.   

According to the Inquisitr and Seeking Alpha, the iPad Air 2 will receive a processor bump through the A8 processor. This means users can expect enhancements in the computing speed and performance of the tablet line. Reports also noted that the A8 processor will be created through the new 20 nanometer process. This will allow Apple to render lower current draw but with more capacity. There should also be a boost in CPU performance including graphics.

Reports also highlighted 4K ultra-definition support to come with the iPad Air 2. People should expect double the resolution of the present iPad Air offering at 1080 or 3840 xz 2160 pixels. The upcoming feature has been slowly finding its way to television sets and professional computer monitors. 

Another interesting feature to watch out for is the Metal API. The Metal API can be equated to extraordinary gaming according to Seeking Alpha. It will be hard for competitors to duplicate the technology or produce something similar soon. Through Metal, Apple will be able to boost graphics performance five to ten times. The company designed a low level interface for its graphics processor. This means it goes beyond the industry standard OpenGL. The news was well received by game developers during the WWDC. 

Many analysts believe the iPad Air 2 can satisfy gamers based on the mentioned specs. The combination of processor, resolution and CPU implies game console support. The Inquisitr goes as far to say that the upcoming slate can drive gamers away from their usual computer preference into a more portable and fresh option. If Apple can include controller support then the iPad Air 2 can be a contender against game consoles.

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